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Akashic Records Reading [Written]: Graduating to the Angelic Realms

The following is a Akashic Records Reading (Written) originally performed for a client. This is a reading performed over two weeks and delivered to the client in written, essay form. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, or added to, but no changes were made that would impact the original, intended meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Written Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

painting of a child-like angelI initially met Miriam in a Guidance Session through Skype, where she sought guidance for a situation she was going through with her son. The son was in a toxic, unhealthy relationship with a controlling girlfriend, and was being pulled into isolation from friends and family and causing much grief to Miriam. In the Guidance Session there was the exploration of the topic of control. Control was present in the life of the son, as he had attracted to himself a controlling and emotionally manipulative partner. But it was also present with the mother, as she was dealing with the balancing act between the choices of A) actively interfering and intervening in the situation, “rescuing” the son but risking depriving him of the learning process, and B) allowing the situation to take place, but fearing that meant emotionally letting go completely.

To let go does not necessarily mean to stop loving the soon altogether – only detaching enough so that the independent learning experience by the person can be allowed (quite a tall order for a mother, something that probably any loving mother would agree with!). Likewise, interfering did not necessarily meant overriding the son’s personal free will and removing him from the situation completely – because the risk there is, if the lesson is not allowed, the student might be likely to will repeat it, and/or maybe resent the caretaker in the future. Interference could mean, for example, conveying in a clear and assertive fashion what she was observing from the outside, as warning. Nevertheless, in the role of caretaker of the well being of the son, the person observing from outside, it was up to her to discern and assess whether the situation was safe enough to allow, and just observe from a distance; or if it was incurring in degrees of danger and risk high enough to warrant a more interventive course of action. This was the lesson for her: the balancing act between controlling/intervening, and allowing the experience.

Despite dealing with a quite challenging life situation, Miriam was the kindest, most graceful and sensitive person, while also very responsibly and dutifully owning her role in the situation, striving at all times to try to find the balance in her choices and actions. This sensitivity and responsibility, as well as the type of lesson she was involved in, at the time led me to feel she was acquainted, familiar, with the role of being a spirit guide herself.

Between the Guidance Session and the Akashic Records Reading a few months had passed. Prior to the reading I emailed Miriam to ask how she was, and if the situation with the son was still current. To my surprise, and without adding any further details, she said all was well, that the situation had met resolution, and that I was free to read the information that best served her highest good. This is the reading what followed.

Part I. Graduation

1.1 Completion

When I connected with Miriam’s energy from afar I sensed an emotion of peace, relief, and fulfillment. It was very similar to the emotional state one is when one is about to go on holiday in a relatively carefree manner, when there aren’t any more pending tasks or obligations to fulfill, and you are truly free to relax and enjoy yourself.

For this reading Miriam had told me by email that the challenging situation with her son [addressed in a Guidance Session via Skype a few months prior] had received resolution. So at first I associated this emotion of peace and fulfillment with this situation, i.e. that it was because this situation having been resolved. However, although possibly related in that it was an element that received resolution, this energy wasn’t only about that specific situation. Rather it is about Miriam and her life as a whole.

This sense of peace is spiritual. Miriam has met the complete set of spiritual lessons and objectives that had been set for this lifetime. This peace comes from the spiritual self who knows it has successfully completed its goals during incarnation. This might be starting to be felt right away; it might start to be felt slowly; or it might be felt sometime in the future. Nevertheless the knowing of having completed the core lessons for this lifetime is there.

But this is not all. By virtue of having complete the final objectives for this incarnation, on the spiritual level Miriam has attained a state of graduation. Meaning, the lessons undertaken for the current cycle of incarnation – not just for this one lifetime but for the the ones preceding it – have been met. Therefore there is no further need to continue incarnating.

This graduation can be felt as a sensation, strong or subtle, permanent or feeling, of wanting to be ‘on holiday’; that any issues or matters to deal with are somehow less important, or less demanding of immediate attention. Feeling no rush to accomplish things, or starting to feel more like this as time goes on. Feeling less willing or less energy to learn new things, to adapt or adjust to new ways. Also, as a sensation of having no more questions – even though one doesn’t know everything. Graduation is not about knowing all there is to know about the Universe, it is to accomplish learning what one came here to learn. And this the spiritual self feels it has already attained.

Together with the perception of having no more questions, there is also somewhat of a desire to “capitalize” on, i.e. make use of, the knowledge that was learned through one’s lessons, in order to convey it to a broader audience or on a larger scale.

In a practical sense, in the back of her mind she will tend to be dismissive of this desire, as she perceives this is a rather long-term task and investment, for which she wouldn’t really have the time, devotion, or energy left to initiate. Also this desire might appear to go against this newfound peace, this perception of not “having to do” anything else.

1.2 Cessation of Challenge

For the remainder of this lifetime there will be no more challenges of karmic nature, i.e. related to spiritual lessons or challenges. You are free to – not only you can but you should – enjoy the remainder of this lifetime, in this context of peace and fulfillment.

Life in physical matter will always has its quips, quirks, maybe nuisances. The postman can get late and not deliver the mail on time. That one loved piece of clothing gets stained and ruined beyond repair. Physical reality is constantly responding to energy and is sometimes a bit chaotic and unpredictable. For that reason at times things don’t go completely smoothly. But in your lifetime there will be no more of those situations that can be described as ‘serious’, that seem to not only have great enduring impact and potential consequence, but tend to stick around and not go away easily. This usually means they are karmic, in other words they constitute difficult challenge related to one’s spiritual lessons that needs to be solved.

But precisely due to the fact that physical life is directed by your energy, if within your spiritual self there is the determination that there are no further spiritual lessons to embark on and invest into, then no more challenging situations of this nature will come about.

You have a strong work ethic and diligence, also and specifically in performing spiritual service: support and guidance to others, to family, as well as individual spiritual learning. Due to this diligence a part of you is likely to feel slightly conflicted, perhaps guilty, about this feeling of cessation of things to “do” karmic-wise. It might be felt like wanting to “not do anything anymore”, “I’m done”, or perhaps subtly not engaging anymore in existing drama and issues as strongly, with as much commitment.

There is in place a momentum from the past, developed by working hard and devoting to an objective. And compared to this momentum, the apparent absence of objectives or purpose might be felt as if you’re not being responsible, you’re not doing your job. To be lacking, in something. So there might be a natural reaction, which is to force yourself to work just as hard as in the past, to keep committing. This reaction is normal, because you would fear not being as good of a person, or to lose qualities, including spiritually.

The spiritually diligent human being wishes to serve. He fears not following the spiritual mission, or incurring on lack of responsibility. On the spiritual level he fears losing his ways, losing track of his path. So to a degree the feeling of guilt is normal, natural, and so is the response that attempts to go in the opposite reaction. These come from the lingering doubt and fear of not serving, not succeeding in the spiritual tasks. It comes with the territory.

However we ask you to understand and acknowledge the feeling of not having any more objectives. That this feeling is appropriate, as it is the result of a natural process which is spiritual. It is natural to be unsure and hold some guilt to a degree. Do not to fret too much with feeling the guilt itself. But at the same time don’t let this guilt override the feeling of being “done”. Don’t let it invalidate it.

Above anything else this reading has to offer, it urges you to trust the spiritual feeling of “job well done”. This feeling is likely to be felt as being in holiday. It is spiritual, legitimate, and is not by chance. You have worked hard throughout your lifetime, diligently serving others, learning, and spiritually evolving, responsibly. This does not mean life will come to a halt – only that you are allowed to carry on, understanding and accepting the spiritual situation you are in. And also, if possible and when feasible, to enjoy life.

Feel free to sign up for a cruise (or several). Take trips. Connect with this feeling. Be friends with it. Do whatever you feel like doing, and/or that constitutes for you the experience of deserved vacations -going on holiday while at the same time feeling fulfilled.

1.3 Further Teaching

The reason there’s a part of you that desires to make use of the knowledge received and lessons learned in this lifetime, is because you will. This will not happen during incarnation. It will take place afterwards. So in this part we’ll discuss this a little bit, so you can be relaxed about what you feel.

You have been learning about the dynamics of control within the realm of family. Control is a key energy in your lessons. This was present in the issue with your son.

To achieve a balance between the urge to protect/control/intervene, and the allowance of experience and its consequence, so that the spiritual entity at my care can grow properly, can be quite the challenge. This is applicable for situation of providing support and guidance, such as the example of spiritual guides towards the human being. It is also valid in the specific case of parents raising their children, which is a fertile ground for this type of lesson to take place.

If I’m the parent, and I’m spiritually responsible, then I’m deeply invested in the successful upbringing of my children. I only want good things to happen to them; I dread anything bad happening to them. So I’ll struggle between the urge to allow, permit, and the urge to protect, shield – which if taken too far can become a form of control.

If you allow us the analogy, this is akin to administer the vaccine that will shield and prevent illness, without either going so far that the vaccine is so strong becomes an actual illness, or staying so short that the vaccine takes no effect.

Oftentimes a natural reaction is for parents to hold a firm grasp of control over the life of the children, even if unwillingly. They try to direct what happens. They don’t know how to both protect – shield from harm – and let go – allow independent growth and learning – of the children. They might believe letting go means to stop loving. Sometimes other factors play a part as well. The parents want the children to take over their business, name, or social standing. The parents want their children to have their beliefs if they see these as the ideal path to success. For example. These factors can fuel the element of control.

The existence of ties of control can be, and often are, extremely subtle. They exist on the spiritual and emotional levels. Even if the parents say aloud they want the kids to grow and be independent, the grasp of actual control is actually hard to let go.

The true issue is that such patterns of control are disempowering. They can harm the growth and development of personal sovereignty of the progeny. Why? Control exists because at some level the parent perceives the child as being less able that what he/she should in handling life, or a specific challenge in life. In other words, if they exist, they are a form of lack of trust.

This energy is “fed” to the child as he or she grows. It’s like the fertilizer given to the young plant. If the “fertilizer” is of strength and trust, the child will grow with a, so to speak, imprinted ability to trust in himself. But if the fertilizer has lack of trust, the child will grow learning not to trust in himself. Because that’s what the parents believed in. It is not that parents should carelessly throw their children to the lions, to “build character” or “prepare” them. This is not what this is about. There needs to be an element of protection appropriate to the moment in life of the child or young adult. This protection is necessary for proper leaning to occur.

Actual control forms when the parents either don’t trust the child as much as they could to handle difficulty, considering his current moment in life. In some way they don’t see the child as a being ultimately capable of growing into personal independence. And/or, when/if the parents have a veiled interest in their child’s personal path, and don’t trust he/she will choose, on his/her own, what they wand him/her to choose.

When the child grows, the element of lack of trust creates imbalance, as the person may develop behavior patterns that match this original lack of trust. He or she might, for example, seek relationships that mimic elements of strong control over himself, or without any control (structure, discipline). Another example is when the person is vulnerable to addictive and compulsive behavior, because within he/she lacks the trust and composure to resist the behavior that is imbalanced.

These types of patterns often have great impact in the immediate family, as they make the adult not be able to operate normally on his own, independently, often and ironically extending the period of inter-dependence between the adult and the guardians (emotional, psychological, material, etc) beyond the childhood years.

The knowledge you have managed to attain in this lifetime are the insights on how to achieve a proper balance between interfering and letting go, between protection and detachment, within the context of love. It is not that you have learned everything there is to know about every single possible situation. But you have grasped the core principle. You know if and where it is present the fine balance of appropriateness between intervention and detachment. You know how a healthy and healed situation looks.

Beyond your incarnation, the potential that is available is for you to be invited to work with the hierarchies of spiritual guides, in precisely the areas that involve familiar patterns of control within the family, as described. You won’t be so much the spirit guide in the sense of being assigned to the energy of specific human beings in particular, i.e. working as their immediate liaison between physical life and Spirit (which is, very generally speaking, what “spirit guides” do). Your scale of work will instead be slightly broader. You will work, for the most part, as a monitor, or director, of the hierarchies of guidance, in order to make use of your acquired knowledge “across the board”, so to speak, whenever human beings and families engaging in said types of lessons, and their guidance teams, are in need of that knowledge.

1.4 Further Learning, Relevance of Knowledge

You may question you are spiritually graduate state, because although there might be present an element of peace, you’ll still feel somehow that you still have elements of control that still need to be better addressed and understood. At the same time you have no more questions, there’s still some control to you, that you feel you have yet to learn. You would question, how can I feel peace if there’s still things to learn? And how could I ever teach about control, if I haven’t come to terms with all aspects of control about myself?

Just because one graduates, does not mean one’s evolution has halted. Graduation just means the lessons you came here to learn have been learned. After primary school there’s secondary school (or high school). After secondary school there’s University. And so on.

Your spiritual progress will continue after this lifetime and after this graduation. The continuation of your learning, and specifically about control, will involve precisely the process of teaching about control (after this lifetime). Guidance providers, spiritual or otherwise, still learn themselves: though the service/guidance they offer. Through this service you will also continue to work on your own matters, related to the topic of control.

In order to carry on explaining this, we’ll need to offer an overview about Densities of consciousness.

Densities are measurements of levels of consciousness. They are what meters are for length or liters to volume. They represent the levels of awareness of spiritual entities in the Cosmos, and their beliefs and choices, at any point in time. Densities refer to abstract consciousness of an entity, but they also stand for the realms or “dimensions” spiritual entities exist in, based on the average level of awareness of that reality. For example, Earth is physically a 3D reality, because the broad, cumulative, overall level of awareness of the human beings there is 3D. But even though Earth is a 3D reality, it is possible for human beings to personally hold perspectives, beliefs, and lessons, not of just 3D, but of 4D and further.

Spiritual growth is an individual process. A human being – or rather the spiritual entity incarnating as human – is free to pursue its path of growth in a 3D reality such as Earth, even if his lessons are of 4D, or 5D, for example. Even though technically Earth has been in 3D, in reality there are many operating with lessons above actual 3D. Earth herself is transitioning, gradually, from its previous, old, overall 3D “quality”, into a the next levels.

3D is the level of awareness of survival of the fittest. It’s the choice weather to take the easy route that might cause harm to others for the sake of personal gain, or take the harder but more ethically correct or altruistic one. 3D is where people believe themselves to be separated from each other, and where feelings and meaning ultimately take a step back to practicality – even if said practicality might create suffering and separation.

The patterns of control addressed in 1.4 are 4D lessons. 4D is the level of awareness of love, empathy, compassion, and the seeking of peace and harmony. Entities and individuals operating in 4D care for what happens to each other. It is important what happens to the other person, and that my choices don’t cause harm others. 4D is – not exclusively but to a significant extent – the level of awareness where most karma and lessons related to family and relationships, in an emotional, loving sense, are played out. Because you can have love that is nevertheless “mixed” with elements of control and attachment. Those are, again, typically 4D lessons.

Up to this point in time the lessons of Earth had been mostly focusing on 3D: the challenge of engaging or not in negative behavior for the sake of one’s own gain. 3D is an ultimately pragmatic level of consciousness.

For 3D, 4D tends to be perceived as a much softer, “mushier” consciousness, “nice” but perhaps in a naive, bad way. You might notice that “in the old days” people used to have beliefs, for example, about not marrying for love (feeling, emotion) but for convenience or suitability. That love itself didn’t really matter in life in a practical sense – or that it didn’t even exist, because it was so fleeting, and seemed to lead constantly to imbalance. These were 3D perspectives. However, if you’ve noticed, things have been changing. Love, sensitivity, tolerance, harmony among difference, and the (emotional, meaningful, loving) meaning of family (4D) are becoming increasingly relevant topics. Much the same way, as 3D had been the predominant level of awareness in the past, those lessons that were about patterns of control within the family, which were of the 4D kind, tended to be too subtle, too “invisible”, to identify and address clearly.

Certainly personal lessons were always undertaken in this area, and progress has been made by psychology and social sciences in this regard. Nevertheless these patterns are still quite widespread, commonplace, in families in general. They are quite difficult to see clearly, to acknowledge, let alone address or heal. This is, quite simply, because the consciousness of human beings had been too insensitive to really spot clearly the existence of these patterns, and work to heal them.

This is changing. In the near future of Earth’s spiritual reality will see an increase in the acknowledgment and attention given to inappropriate patterns of control within the family, and to the activity of addressing them and healing them. They will be more and more clear for all to see, thus there will be a greater opportunity for them to be addressed and healed. Over time humanity will see an increase in the volume of work devoted to uprooting and solving patterns of control, that have karmically been present within family lineages. And this work will necessitate, of course, of the support and guidance of Spirit, and spiritual guidance teams, offered to the humans engaging in these lessons.

This is where you will be needed. You will actively participate in this work, by assisting, directing, and monitoring the guidance hierarchies, using your knowledge about these very patterns of control.

1.5 Typical Graduation

After 4D, the next Density is 5D. 5D relates more with individuality, expression, speaking your voice, finding and manifesting the truth within.

In 4D, the highest priority of the individual is love, and peace. To be well with others around him. Those things are placed above all other considerations, sometimes even at the expense of the self. Even if sometimes the best resolution needed some form of closure or confrontation. Sometimes 4D can keep quiet, not express the self, for the sake of being okay with others.

When a spiritual being transitions from 4D to 5D, it places the acknowledging of the true self as the highest priority. This means that 5D, although potentially just as loving, emotional, and well meaning as 4D, can at times distance itself from others, and let go of connections and experiences with others, if it perceives that in those connections others are placing conditions on the full expression of the self.

In your graduation you spiritually made a point of developing and finding ways to incorporate the seeking of the inner self into your life. You explored elements in life that were not exclusively altruistic, i.e. caring and supporting others, but were more thinking about your self. This happened most notably in your spiritual awakening, the exploration of spiritual and metaphysical things. You felt a confidence in this seeking, in some way there was no necessity for others to share things, discuss beliefs and experiences, achieving a consensus, etc. It was more about you. You kind of “knew” what you were doing. Inside you had this mastery, authority, autonomy, within. This could be observed as being 1) because of the graduation, and 2) as an element of 5D.

On the other hand I noticed that, in your graduation there was a distinct peculiarity. When an individual or entity spiritually graduates from 4D into 5D, there’s usually, in some way, a detaching from all that is external. This usually are externally (as opposed to internally) focused ideas or experiences, such as for example the need to hold an active role in practical situations; the need to affiliate with a certain group or classification; and so on.

But in your graduation and on a spiritual level, you had a very clear and purposeful point: you wanted to hold on to, keep very close to your heart, the firsthand experience of Love you found and explored, namely within the context of family – which is an external experience. You did not want to lose that under any circumstance.

This one specific element resonated as being 4D more than anything else. This confused me. This didn’t feel as a graduation into 5D. But it still was a graduation in the true sense of the word. There was no longer need to incarnate. There were no more karmic lessons.

1.6 Service

My understanding of Densities (3D, 4D, 5D, and so on) pertains to the spiritual progression and graduation of spiritual beings within the concept of incarnation and similar experiences. There are however other hierarchies, namely the Angelic realms.

I will usually say I know “nothing” about the Angelic realms – at least not to the extent I study the Densities. I’d state these are not my area of expertise, if you will. I do know the Angelic realms have equivalent hierarchies of spiritual progression, similar and parallel to the Densities of incarnation, and that spiritual learning and progress in those hierarchies is made through service, rather than by choice/consequence in incarnation.

In order to better explain this I’ll offer an example I commonly use. Imagine you are walking down the street and you see a person, unknown and unrelated to you, who seems to be going through some kind of physical, health-related distress. The person is lying on the ground, anxious, not acting normally, with trouble breathing.
Imagine that, in this moment, you go into “emergency mode”.

You try to help and assist the person as best as you can. In this situation you might not know exactly what the medical problem is exactly. Also the person is unknown to you and not personally meaningful. The situation is sudden and unexpected to you.

But even in these circumstances, as you go into “emergency mode” all your focus is now in this situation and with the person. You try to assess how to best handle the situation. You try to have the person more comfortable. You try to ask him/her what’s going on. You try to call others for help. You call the emergency services so that the person is given medical attention as soon as possible. You might try to “take charge” of the situation, better organize it, at least until medical help arrives.

At this moment where you’re offering support, all other situations are gone from your mind. Your focus is fully in altruistically offering support to the person, to the best of your abilities. If you don’t know everything about the situation, you will call someone who does. The objective is to offer the person the best possible shot at a successful outcome, from this situation.

This mindset represents the kind of energy spiritual guides, and to a large extent the Angelic realms, hold when providing support to humans incarnating. As a spiritual entity, a spirit guide has an identity, an energy, and perhaps even a field of expertise. But while performing its service, it bears no agenda, no ulterior motives, no ego. The energy is purely serving and providing support, in a fully altruistic manner, to the best of its abilities, in perpetual and benevolent alignment with the Light, and according to the personal choices, spiritual lessons, and greatest good, of the human being.

Another specific trait of the role of the spirit guide in support, is that other than the service itself, there are no stakes for the one who’s serving.

Much like in the example you didn’t know the individual personally, and therefore in a sense you weren’t “personally involved”, for the entity in service there’s no consequence – at least not like in incarnation. In incarnation you’re meant to make choices, and the consequences of said choices can and will affect you and your energy, personally – this how lesson is achieved. Whereas lesson by those in service is accrued by the “quality” of the service provided.

In-between, so to speak, of the 4D and 5D Densities, as defined for the entities learning through incarnation, there’s a “middle-ground” stage or density that represents an halfway point between 4D and 5D. Call it four-and-a-half, if you will. Entities who are actively undergoing incarnation as their form of learning make the graduation directly from 4D to 5D, and for them this step as if doesn’t “exist”. This middle-ground stage is “reserved”, only exists, in the Angelic Realms, that is to say, for those entities who do not incarnate, or are at the moment performing service that does not envision the experience of incarnation.

This is the realm, or “mode of existence”, where you’ll be graduating into. It is where you’ll perform further service, and where you’ll carry on with your spiritual evolution. Past this graduation, and at least in the immediate future, you’ll no longer be incarnating – you don’t need to. You’ll move on to the “Angelic” side of things, performing service that envisions strictly altruistic support to others, in the mode exemplified, without incarnating. You will carry on with your work and spiritual lessons in this “4,5” realm.

1.7 Symptoms

Because you no longer need to incarnate, you now feel peace and tranquility.

Because in this stage of evolution you will not have “stakes” or be personally invested in, you might spiritually be feeling disinvested, or gradually feeling detaching, from matters and experiences that might have previously got you involved. This is the feeling of “not caring anymore”. In order to graduate, you will be detaching somewhat from the values and perspectives you used to hold about life in matter.

This process is not incorrect, unloving, or insensitive in any way. This is appropriate, spiritual, of the Light, and part of your planned evolution as a spiritual being.

As a spiritual entity whose nature is closely tied with the guidance realms, the sensation of having less energy to care might feel like a sacrilege, like the antithesis of caring and supporting.

But even such an entity will eventually have to go through its graduation. This is the possibility being presented to you.

You might feel this talk of graduation is perhaps not as grandiose as it “should” feel. Maybe it doesn’t feel as Ascension. This is because the graduation is not a full-on transition into 5D, rather, into an halfway stage between 4 and 5D. It’s not a “goodbye”, more of a “see you soon”.

Because this stage involves being in a mode and energy where there are no stakes involved – other than the quality of the service provided – this to any being used to incarnating will feel like vacations. Free from consequence. Free from difficulty. Free from hardship. Free from challenge. Free from having to make any more choices.

This is also why you’re starting to feel in long-term vacations. Because, in a sense, you are. You won’t be having any more karmic issues or major challenges to solve, because that is the nature of the realm you’re graduating into. You won’t be permitted to accrue on any additional karma, as that would 1) impede the graduation in the first place, and 2) impede the graduation into this specific realm and stage of spiritual progress.

Given that you will be offering service that deals mostly within the context of family, it could be said you’ll be invited to work in Archangel Gabriel’s team.

Part II. Choice

2.1 Choice

So far in this reading we’ve presented the information that your spiritual self is in a graduate state, and beyond this lifetime there will be no more need to incarnate. We’ve addressed some of the work you’ll have the chance to participate in your future. We’ve also mentioned you won’t longer experience any further challenges that relate to the learning of lesson.

We’ve presented this process as if it’s something that is about to happen, guaranteed, without choice or challenge.
But that is not entirely true. First, your conscious choice will be required for it to happen. Secondly, there will be one final challenging situation, related to this matter, that will require your attention in this lifetime.

The fact you’re spiritually graduate doesn’t mean your choice about that very process is unnecessary. You may have noticed you don’t feel “fully” graduate yet. One of the reasons why we’ve already explained: it relates to the graduation into the “4,5” Angelic realm. But there’s another reason.

Your inner self, on a spiritual level, is graduate. But there’s the matter of the acceptance of that graduation. You can look at this as the ceremony at the end of an University degree. You attended the courses, you took the exams, you passed them, and you’re technically graduate. Now all there’s left to do is to attend the final ceremony. To sit in the chair, listen to the commencement speech, and receive the diploma.

The human self must acknowledge, accept, and trust the graduation, and all the things that come with it. You must choose your spiritual graduation, because no entity in the Universe can forced it upon you. You must accept the diploma.

So in this sense there’s a choice to be made.

You are strong-minded and strong-willed. Due to your nature of diligent service, and your commitment to love in family and to others, you might look upon this graduation and feel it, viscerally, as a form of not-Love. As something that goes against your values and your nature. And, perhaps, as a letting go of control. This is the challenge. It is technically be possible for you to deny your graduate state, and therefore go back into further lesson in incarnation, without graduating. It would be akin to waking out of the graduation ceremony at the University right before being handed the diploma.

You are “choosing” the graduation, by accepting the things you are feeling as described thus far. Even if they are new, unknown, uncertain, you accept it if you choose to trust it.

You are refusing the graduation, if you attempt to resist or fight the things you are feeling. If you attempt to compensate for the detachment by working harder; by attempting to find things to do as an obligation; by creating problems to solve. This will be going against, rejecting, the new energy forming within you. And consequently against the graduation.

2.2 Guilt

You are a responsible spiritual being deeply caring about your mission and spiritual work. As a result it is only natural, as stated, that the sensation of “not wanting to do anything” is not taken in a completely embracing and accepting manner. In a subtle way, after so much time of hard work and dedication, it’s almost like a foreign, weird sensation to have. It almost feels wrong to “leave”, to “not care”. You will tend to feel guilty about it.

However, guilt is a powerful negative response to the Universe, and it will cancel your graduation altogether. Guilt can have you cave in to others, and accept challenges, responsibilities, and get involved in drama, that you would otherwise no longer want to bear.

First, your graduation involves spiritually transitioning into a mode of not being involved in any more challenges – this is why you don’t want to put any more effort. You don’t want to get involved. You don’t want to create or participate in more karma. However if you force yourself to instead go against it, work harder, participate even against your own wishes, then that would be a choice of not graduating.

Secondly, if at the moment of your transition from this lifetime you’re bearing a feeling of guilt so strong about graduating that it prevents it, the “ceremony” will simply not take place. This will still be your choice, since it is you who’s carrying the energy of guilt.

2.3 Disclaimer

These are not things this reading is dictating you to do. This is something you will be feeling, being that this reading offers clarity about it, so that you can be more prepared for the choices you’ll make in the future.

This reading does carry a bias in its writing, that as a spiritual provider I might not be able to shake off completely. And that is: that graduating is good. In my perspective, graduating is why we are all here, or at least its end goal. It represents movement, progress, learning. It is always “better”. This is my bias.

However I do have to state clearly that despite my bias, you are literally and completely free to choose if you graduate or not, without any judgment, or any harm coming to the world, either way.

This reading’s message is solely and strictly to inform you of what’s going on, or what will be going on, so you can choose for yourself what is better for you.

2.4 Aligning with Inner Feeling

Should you be willing to explore your graduation, the Universe and your guidance team will let you know you very clearly what situations you are free to help and support, and what situations you’re meant to stay away from – regardless of rules, ethics, or morals.

If a situation has the potential to create for you additional karma, and therefore incur in a real risk of compromising your graduation, you will feel clearly that you shouldn’t get involved in the situation. At that point, the only way to choose otherwise, is if you let guilt dictate your choice. If by guilt you engage in situations you’d otherwise not want to get involved, at that point you are, in a practical sense, not acknowledging what you’re feeling within in a spiritual level. Thus, going against (choosing against) the graduation process you’re being offered.

In support to the process we’ll offer an illustrative example. A neighbor wants you to lend him money to buy a new car. You care for this neighbor and you want him to succeed and have comfort in life. However, in the back of your mind you also know this person has trouble being responsible with money, especially when it’s lent to him by others. In your mind, it is very likely that the person will blow the money away on something else, or not pay you back.

In this example, your guidance/judgment are already telling you what’s the balanced choice, and what isn’t. However your guilt may want to convince you to give the money to the person anyway. Perhaps as a way to help/assist. Perhaps to give the person an opportunity to learn how to be responsible. Perhaps to give the person a break in life. But if you do so, you’re running the risk that new karmic bond will form. You’ve lent the person money, and spiritually you may also grown invested in what the person will do with it. And if/when the person does squander the money, and the opportunity given by you, you’ll be affected by this, because you were invested in it. It may also pull the strings on your challenge of control. A new debt has formed: of money, and of karma.

The second choice is, simply, to not lend the money. To say “No”. If you do so, even if it goes against the principle of helping others, even if to your guilt it seems “wrong”, no karmic bond will form.

This is just a simple example meant to convey an idea about the type of challenge you may face. The example itself can be nitpicked. Can I stay from a distance and still help? Can I lend money without participating in karma? The core idea is that your guides will tell you if a choice is appropriate to you and for your graduation, or if you will become involved, participate, in further karmic cycles. In this regard there are no rules, recipes, or manuals. No opinion from another will be worth more than your own (you’re the one graduating). It will strictly be your inner self guiding you through feeling and intuition. It will be less about figuring out if a situation creates karma or not, and more about you feeling it.

The final, “formal” ceremony of graduation will take place at the end of the lifetime. What will spiritually happen between now and then, is the process by which you will explore this graduation and acclimatize what it implies.

2.5 Family

The previous example with the neighbor would perhaps present some challenge, but still be relatively straightforward and inconsequential, if this hypothetical neighbor had no particular relationship with you. The true issue is when this type of situation applies to family.

The proposal this reading offers is that you are graduating. You are moving on. Karma is over, new beginnings await. But won’t necessarily be true for the other members of your closer, and biological family. They will probably not be moving on, at least not for now. Meaning, they will be carrying on with their life stories, and working through their karmic attributes.

For the individual who’s graduating, there’s almost always an element of solitude, loneliness, of being in that (spiritual) mindset, and having to make some choices on his own. This usually creates a degree of separation, i.e. of feeling I’m with my (spiritual) mind in one place, whereas others will remain in their priorities, and more invested and involved in things in life.

If graduation is not collective – i.e. the whole humanity graduates – multiple individuals do not generally graduate/ascend at the same time. Instead, what usually happens is that it takes pace gradually, one person at a time. But this can be made use of by Spirit, because the spiritual task of the individual, even if left “completed”, is still possible to expand upon. So these are usually ‘taken over’ by someone else, from those who stay.

The challenge will come when those around you within the family will expect your support, participation, commitment – in their stories and in drama and karma. In other words, they may at points want and expect you to remain invested in the story of the family.

This will be your Achilles heel. This will be the ink with which the graduation “contract” is being penned and signed. Because it will be a serious challenge to not go back to being involved with family, if and when your spiritual inner guidance is telling you to not get involved.

Once again this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help or assist others if you feel free to, if you know you can do it with absolute and crystal clear certainty you’re not going to be emotionally invested in it. However by the same account, this also means that if getting involved in a situation means engaging in familial karma, then doing so may prevent your graduation.

The situation may also involve your son. I focused on him because I knew of him, and because I had some notion about the patterns of control at stake at the time of the Guidance Session. Nevertheless what’s said about your son in this reading can also be applied in loose terms to other situations and other family members in your life. Having said that, I would be tempted to say that no other situation with any other person will be as challenging in this regard.

There is a story of control with your son. Your personal learning of control involves him also. It has led you to attempt to take control to some extent of his path and his growth. Spiritually he’s also of the same nature as you, with a similar background in spiritual guidance. So you felt very protective of him, you wanted to keep him safe, under your wing.

Perhaps unconsciously you wanted to monitor his growth too closely, to provide him with the best growth possible, and to shield a sensitive being from difficulty. Perhaps you were too overbearing, shielded him too much, unconsciously wanting to protect him from harm. Due to these patterns of control he chose a toxic relationship to replicate a person with strong control over him, that he, as a spirit guide, would attempt to heal with love. But while you have attained a graduate state, he has not, at least not yet. He will inevitably carry on with his life, and with his lessons, which are not complete. For him there is still a way to go.

Because of this, the perspective that you have graduated, while he’ll in some way be “left behind” to continue learning, will seem to you unfair – as you were the one “passing on” the aspects and lessons of control to him. You feel responsible, perhaps guilty, and that you should continue to support him, as in your mind you feel you caused this on him, and that you need to “solve it” with him, and for him.

However the need to solve unfinished things is a karmic attribute. It keeps you bound to Earth. In order for your graduation to occur, this aspect needs to be considered resolved, for you – and this requires your permission. You give this permission by allowing what you feel, how you feel, within you. Within you, spiritually and within the Light, it is already resolves, and you feel it. So you give permission by respecting this, not rejecting it, and not letting guilt get in the way of it.

Your son will carry on with his own path, with his adventure, after you’ve left the physical plane. You on the other hand are closing in on your graduation, which will see you move past the need to be involved in incarnation altogether. This is meant to be accepted, should you choose to. You must accept your son will continue to play out his lessons, including those about control, that he still needs to experience. And that you won’t be here forever to offer your close support and monitor him.

Because of the similar background of spiritual nature, there was an understanding between the two on Soul level. The two would help each other graduate, if possible, if the possibility presented itself, which was something that was known to be on the horizon. This only further compounds on your feeling of responsibility towards him, and guilt.
But what happens is that you are passing the torch, the baton, to him,of the lessons of control within family. Your role for now is complete. And he will remain behind to continue working on those same lessons, in his path.

This reading does not offer future predictions, nor does it tell you what to do with minute detail. Its only point is to clarify that you might feel challenged by the prospect of transitioning to a graduate state within – involving an element of detachment, desire for non-involvement, thinking about the self first – all the while all others around you, specifically your family, will still expect you to take an active participation in family matters and support.

This reading asks you to not feel guilty about how you feel. It’s part of the process. Do not dismiss the growth of the spiritual self onto the graduate state. From that state you’ll be able to offer much more productive work. It is a shift in energy. One that is being offered to you by Spirit, legitimate and deserving.

2.6 Potentials

There is a potential for you and your son, once you’ve left the physical plane and fully assume your graduate status.

Your son as a spiritual being is also significantly biased towards the aspect of guiding and being guided, and feels the need to be supported closely. He will rely on it. This is the spiritual nature of you two, revolving around the theme of healing, caring, support (being guided) and the energy of control in that support. He will resent being left to his own devices, not having the safety net of the mother, either because you’re left the material plane, and/or because on the spiritual level he’ll feel you detaching from your karma together.

This resentment is dualistic. In an emotional sense he will probably resent being ‘abandoned’, but also, at the same time, of being controlled closely, feeling he was too conditioned by his mother as he grew up. So as you detach from the karmic attribute and graduate, and when you are no longer available to play your karmic part, he’ll be left to figure for himself how to navigate life, and his control issues, now without your support. Your departure will have a significant toll on him.

For a time he will not understand. A separation will form. He will need time to process. And you will need to accept.

Over the course of his life he’ll have to find a way to not just cope, but get a grip over these issues, which will play a significant role in his life. He will struggle, and be overwhelmed, but eventually he’ll have to find a way to forgive, accept, and reach a degree of peace and relief in him.

This might or might not involve his own ‘formal’ spiritual awakening process, which if it takes place, will offer liberation, clarity, and give him tools to find and maintain that peace.

This learning will actively involve the son forgiving the mother, for whatever things were left unfinished in his perception. By doing so he’ll also be finding his own solution, learning his own lessons, on the same patterns of control. He’ll find a better way to remain in balance regarding the opposites of receiving support and being controlled; between controlling and letting go. And of allowing (proper) love. The lesson will also be clearer to him.
At this point there will be somewhat of a clearing of the karmic elements of your connection between the two of you. And this will re-open the “channel”.

If your son by this point opens his spiritual self to the ideas of metaphysics, intuitive insight, spiritual wisdom, entities beyond the veil, and so on, the potential is for the two of you to start communicating with each other.

It is not set in stone how this is to happen. It might be a more ‘soft’ ‘intuitive’ communication, or it might be in a mode of channeling, i.e. where you – the spiritual entity – is sending messages which the person in incarnation receives. Furthermore your son might not be aware, or not know right away, he’s actually dealing with you – still, there’s the strong possibility that it might be the case right at start, or that he realizes it at some point (surprise!).

Like it was said before, you won’t be assigned to individual humans as a spirit guide per se. You’ll do more “master-type” work, supervising and monitoring lessons regarding the theme of control within the family. As a side note, this is also another reason why you’ll now be shedding the role of offering close support to the family. There will be an exchange in your energy and perspective, that will allow you to work on a more larger scale. But your son will (or can) be one of the exceptions, in the sense that you will have the opportunity to work closely with him. And what will that work be about?

Once he has reached a stage of his life where he has more clarity about the topic of control, he’ll also desire to share this knowledge with others.

At that point, the potential is for him to produce work based on your messages from Spirit, such as writing books, speaking to and guiding others, creating art, etc. There will be a sharing of the message, and this sharing will to you be perhaps a more direct manner, than assisting in the background the hierarchy of guidance teams. In other words, and to put it bluntly, he will be channeling his mother.

You will therefore have the opportunity to share your message in a more direct manner with the world, that will reach many people. This is what you already know spiritually will happen, and what you desire to do right now.

We’ve said that individuals tend to graduate at a turn, and the one staying behind tends to pick up on the mantle of the master and carry on with his work. Once you graduate, in his spiritual quest it is your son who will pick up your baton and carry on with your work. And through his work, that will open the possibility, in turn, for his own graduation.

2.7 Continuing Growing

We’ve also said that you will continue to learn, evolve, and process your remaining, ‘leftover’ issues of control, through your service.

Sometimes one of the most challenging, perhaps frustrating, aspects of lesson for those providing guidance, is when the one who is being guided during incarnation – by virtue of his/her free will – chooses go exactly against what is being told by the guidance team. They know what will be the consequences of choice A, and of choice B. And they do their best to convey this to the person. And sometimes the person does receive the insight, and knows A would be best – but then chooses B.

Dealing with the free will of those being guided is a common topic of challenge for those who guide. This is, by the way, why so often those who guide grow so frustrated with how things are going in the physical world, that they wish to incarnate themselves.

Those who guide feel just as strongly, and instantly, the consequence of negative choices made by the guided. Because there are always bonds of family and love between them. So often the instant reactive response by the guides, is to wish for it to not be so. It is to wish for the person to not have chosen that option. It also sometimes is to want to go in there and choose differently themselves, or alternatively, to go help the person.

It is also the reason for the lessons about control in the presence of love – for you, and for any Soul undertaking it. It is the matter of trying to guide, support, with love, yet knowing how to keep the healthy amount of distance that allows the other Soul to learn and travel their path, and respecting their own free will no matter what. Within the context of the potentials for the future here explained, if and when you, as a spiritual entity, engage in the process of sending messages through a person, what do you think will happen?

Due to your elements of control, you will have the tendency to control the message. You will want the final result written in the book, to be exactly how you sent it. You will want certain thoughts, certain intentions, perhaps even certain words, to come through the message. You might be tempted to closely control the person doing the channeling. You will be challenged with creating enough separation between yourself and the channel, so that the person is still allowed its own space of decision, his own free will.

Between the entity transmitting information, and the person in incarnation doing the channeling, there’s always some distortion, some loss or at least variation, between the original message and the final result (for example a book). The process will never be perfect, because the channeler has his own mind, his own beliefs, and his own bias. Even if the person is perfectly in alignment with Spirit, this is ultimately inevitable.

The person channeling also needs to own his full accountability for being in spiritual integrity while performing this work. This responsibility, along with the person’s free will, must be always be acknowledged and respected by Spirit. There can be no other way.

This is how you’ll conduct your own learning. Your challenge will be to continue to perform your service and transmit your message, of wisdom, guidance, and love, and diligently – while still allowing the space for the person receiving the message to interpret it, and answer for it, in the physical world.

Since in this case and according to the potential being described, the channel in question would be your son, this will obviously touch upon the karmic attribute that at that point to some degree will still remain in the connection between the two of you. Thus allowing you two the opportunity to continue working on it, by whichever degree it remains. Through your connection of Love.

As you see, your graduation will not be the end of anything, if you choose to accept it. If anything, it will be a new beginning. And it will allow a new degree of healing to occur, both to you and to your son.