Heart Ki

About Me

My name is Nuno and I perform readings of the Akashic Records for others. The Akashic Records are the Soul’s memories of past lives and reincarnation, this includes past lives on other planets since Earth isn’t the only place where Souls incarnate.

In my readings I specialize in past lives on other planets, planetary origins, and the Soul’s journey and lessons across the Cosmos. I perform readings from distance, and can do so knowing only the person’s name and nothing else; but you can also add input, state questions, and set an overall theme for a reading. I didn’t learn anywhere how to read the Akashic Records; I spontaneously discovered I could do so during my personal spiritual journey.

My readings are lengthy, in-depth work that can move a lot of energy. The more time I spend performing a reading, the more comprehensive and insightful the information that comes forth becomes. The lengthiest readings I make, called Akashic Soul Essays, take two weeks to perform and are delivered to the client in written, essay form. This in-depth process is less a deliberate choice, it’s more about respecting and working with my natural process, which over time I learned and adapted to. This process doesn’t have to be this way for every spiritual reader, but it’s definitely true for me.

The amount of work that goes into each reading means I can’t perform readings every day non-stop, or I’d be quickly exhausted. This is especially true for the more lengthy readings that take multiple days to make. As an example, I’m only able to perform one Akashic Soul Essay once per two months at most – and even that would be pushing it. Fatigue can be a particularly relevant matter for spiritual workers, and that’s something I also had to learn about over time.

Even so, to date I’ve performed over eighty Akashic Soul Essays for clients since starting this website, and countless other readings of other sizes. Out of those, I’ve published a number of readings on the website in full which you can access freely, plus a few others on my Patreon page which you can support.

Before embarking on this journey, I was a graduate of computer engineering, and worked in I.T. for a number of years, primarily for Portugal’s leading telecommunications company, Portugal Telecom. However, my education and career path never resonated with me. Further, not knowing what I was meant to do with life had caused me quite a lot of long-term distress, for most of my existence. I was the one making my career choices, yes, but perhaps more out of utility, logic, and necessity, rather than a sense of “inner direction”.

Eventually, there came a point when I had to leave my job and career behind – this was back in 2009. Some people called me courageous for following my dreams, others may have thought it was foolish, I’m sure. But the truth was, I had come to my literal limits. Leaving was about the survival and health of my psyche. When I left I still had no idea of what else I was meant to be doing, nor any reference of any spiritual gifts to my name whatsoever. In other words, I left totally without any “safety net” in every respect. For me, who always had an ultra shy, ultra guarded personality, this was the purest form of “leap of faith” I had seen – and it was me doing it. But this is not something I’d wish for others. It’s not a showcase of spiritual trust, nor do I think it’s what everyone should do in their lives. It was a critical junction in a difficult life story. Don’t try this at home, folks.

When I left my career, the idea was to use my time for something I felt could be personally meaningful and useful. I had always been sensitive and felt differently, and over time I began exploring my personal traits further. Throughout the course of this process, one of the things I realized was that I knew the truth about situations, and specifically, why someone was who he/she was: I could access his/her identity at Soul level. I could connect with personal insights about someone, from distance, knowing only their name, and the person would later verify the insights as being accurate, relevant, and deeply meaningful.

Spiritually speaking, I was connecting with the Akashic Records of others, the metaphysical/spiritual fields storing all the information pertaining to the individual’s spiritual identity. This ability grew to become my Akashic Records readings.

I created this website in 2012 as the canvas to express my spiritual understanding, and as a home for my readings. “Heart Ki” is a channeled name. This combination of words is not unheard of, but at the time I received it I hadn’t seen or heard it ever. Heart Ki relates to acknowledging your true voice, and then expressing that truth out into the world. When the time came to create the website, this felt like the most appropriate name for it.

I tend to create content somewhat infrequently/inconsistently. Sometimes I’ll publish a flurry of material, while other times I may seemingly go “silent” for a while. If I do, there’s (usually) no problem and I didn’t go anywhere: it’s a matter of the management of my own energy and time. My main priority is, first and foremost, my readings and services performed for clients, which as I said are endeavors and can take a lot out of me. I will nevertheless always post readings, articles, and other content, whenever possible and feasible and my inspiration allows. The best way to stay up-to-date on new content is subscribing to the website mailing list and/or social media.

Despite my IT background my work was in EAI, and I knew little about web design, so to create the website I had to learn enough to put it together. Thus everything you see here, not just in terms of content but the entirety of the site, structure/design, functions and gadgets, etc. is built and maintained by me, down to every single detail such as bullet spacings, wording in nav menus, colors of fonts and backgrounds, and so on. I’ve tried to put together something that’s reasonably concise/cohesive and not terrible to look at, or so I hope.

That being said, I’m a one-man team and far from a pro web designer, so there will always be quirks and issues. Some things will stretch awkwardly off the screen, show poorly on mobile, work poorly and/or slowly, and so on, and some things may suddenly break and stop working, in which case either I haven’t gone around to fix it yet – or haven’t noticed at all. For that reason, if you happen to spot something on the site not working as intended, please feel free to reach out and let me know. Every little help in this regard can be important; I rely heavily on the website, and certain things, such as everything related to readings for example, can be critical if they stop working without me noticing.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and you may find the contents here useful and meaningful to you.