Heart Ki

About Nuno

I’m a graduate in computer engineering and worked in I.T. for a number of years. For anyone who wants to know, this was in Portugal’s leading telecommunications company, Portugal Telecom, the specific field was called EAI (Enterprise Applications Integration), and I progressed from programmer to project manager within the span of time I was there.

However, my education and career path never resonated with me. I was the one making the choices, yes, but perhaps more out of utility, logic, and necessity, rather than a sense of “inner direction”, which in retrospect was something I deeply craved. I always struggled with the direction I wanted to take in life, never truly finding something I could settle with and call my own.

Eventually, I could no longer escape this perception, and I left my job and career. This was back in 2009. The idea was to use my lifetime for something I felt could be personally meaningful and useful. I didn’t do it out of choice, but rather, because I had no choice: the sense of misalignment, and the suffering that came with it, had simply grown for too long. When I left everything behind, I did so without a “safety net”, that is to say, without a clue or hint of what I was meant to be doing, or even a plan B. Which was extraordinarily scary – but also something I’m proud of having done, given the circumstances.

I’d always been a sensitive child. After leaving my I.T. career behind, I began exploring this personal trait further. Over time, I realized I knew the truth about situations, and specifically, why someone was who he/she was: I could access his/her identity at Soul level. I could connect with personal insights about someone, from distance, knowing only their name, and the person would later verify the insights as being accurate, relevant, and deeply meaningful. Spiritually speaking, I was connecting with the Akashic Records of others, the metaphysical/spiritual fields storing all the information pertaining to the individual’s spiritual identity. This ability grew to become my Akashic Records readings.

The website Heartki.com was created circa 2012 to serve as the online home for my readings as well as a canvas to express my understanding of spirituality. “Heart Ki” is a channeled name, and it relates to acknowledging your true voice, and then expressing that truth out into the world. When the time came to create the website, this felt like the most appropriate name for it. Finding, then staying aligned with your own spiritual essence, which is immutable, timeless, and independent of external opinions or fads, remains being a core topic of my spiritual message.

You are born here with a purpose, or at least an intention, on a spiritual level, of what you want to do, where you want to go, and who you want to be. Not doing so, that is to say, not making the choices, and not taking the paths, that are concordant with your own inner essence, whatever that essence is and what it might dictate, will inevitably lead to suffering, as well as all sorts of misalignments, in life.

Everything you see on this website is designed, written, and maintained, exclusively by me. You could say this is a one-man venture. My main priority is, first and foremost, my readings and services performed for clients, which are my sole professional occupation, and for that reason, I can publish content somewhat infrequently. I nevertheless will always post readings, articles, and other content, whenever possible and my inspiration and creativity allow. The best way to stay up-to-date on new content is subscribing to the website mailing list and/or social media.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and you may find the contents here useful and meaningful to you.