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Akashic Records Readings

Know your Soul's identity and journey across the Cosmos, as well as past-lives on Earth. Delivered via email or Skype.

Guidance Sessions

Understand your personal life and its dynamics in an energy and spiritual sense. Private one-on-one sessions via Skype.

Energy and Consciousness

Insights on non-denominational spirituality, metaphysics, and modern day life, from a spiritual and energy standpoint.

Densities and Metaphysics

Densities, dimensions, kingdoms, sephiroths: the metaphysical realms and levels of consciousness.


Do We Reincarnate as Both Genders?

The following was taken from an email follow-up that took place for the reading To Believe in Love. In this reading one of the things that’s mentioned is a female past-life, whereas the client was male, and upon receiving the reading he expressed some surprise at the idea of having been a woman in a past-life. And while this may (…)

Akashic Records Reading [Quick]: To Believe in Love

Posted under Published Readings.

This Quick reading is a follow-up to the reading Clean Slate, in other words a reading performed for the same client. On this occasion the person expressed the desire to address the arena of their romantic relationships, as well as their past experiences and karmic relationships with previous partners. Part I. Love As with any reading, I will state beforehand (…)

Akashic Records Reading [Written]: Breaking the Fifth Wall

Posted under Published Readings.

Prior to this reading Penelope (not the person’s real name) received two Quick Readings, which brought a number of points that were to be addressed more in depth. Namely, that as a spiritual entity she has a background in what was termed as the “Directors”, a metaphysical intelligence playing a part in managing the manifestation of physical matter, and how (…)

Coronavirus and the Two Earths

Posted under Society and Culture.

At the moment the world is in a state of turmoil. And it’s safe to say it’s a turmoil that is more or less affecting everyone, virtually speaking, each in their own way. Be it dealing with the disease itself, the stress and uncertainty of a loved one going through it, the anxiety about going outside, going to work, commute, (…)

Downloads Page is Up

Posted under Website Updates.

Having a downloads page was something I wanted to have on the website for quite some time. I felt it was something that could broaden the range of resources on the website, and offer the possibility to make available more elaborate and long-form digital items in the future, such as books or similar. So for a while I had been diverting some of my spare time to build it. And today it’s finally live.

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Welcome. My name is Nuno. I perform online distance readings of the Akashic Records knowing only your name. This is my website, which features resources related to spirituality, metaphysics, and an essence-driven life. I hope you enjoy my work, and may this website be of value to you.About Nuno