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The Creation of The Akashic Records

The Akashic records are the recorded memory of every Soul in the Universe. Everything that was chosen, experienced, and felt, is recorded and kept forever in the Akashic records, for each and every Soul.

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All there is, is Consciousness. Consciousness IS, and together with Love, it’s the one true Thing in all of Creation.

Consciousness has no “time”. To Consciousness, there is only the present moment, that is, the current “state of beingness”. “Time” only moves “forward” when the experience and beingness of Consciousness changes.

(This is why time seems to fly when you have fun, and crawls to a standstill when you’re doing something you don’t like. Spirit is all about fun, and in a general manner, only things of true meaning to Spirit are experienced with this sense of “fun”. Meaning-less things, that is, that which you’re not supposed to be doing, are experienced as a drag – your Spirit is experiencing no evolution. It’s stopped in the same place, regardless of how much linear time has passed).

But a problem arose, in that, for as much powerful and all-knowing as it was, Consciousness itself was only aware of what it was aware, and not of anything else. So if by any chance Consciousness lost awareness of something, that something would be lost forever! Twin Souls wouldn’t recognize each other when they were apart “long” enough, not because of the passage of “time”, but simply because they were now different than “before”. Consciousness could forget, or simply not be anymore something which it once was, without any reliable method of remembering itself of things.

So in order to keep track of all the things and all the changes that happened to those things, a clever trick was invented: within Creation, an infinite belt of records would be kept, to register each and every change and choice made by every Soul, ever. It was, literally, the memory of the Universe, and in a sense, a simulation of time and progression of sorts. Time itself was created – in a context where there really is no time at all.

At the greatest and most absolute level of all, that is, the Godhead, the Intelligent Infinity, and so forth, there is nothing to do, no time, nothing. There is only Infinite Love and Consciousness themselves, in a stateless beingness, without form, time, etc. It is only “below”, or “within” certain spaces, that is, where the games that are played by Souls exploring the vast reaches of God – and of themselves – that these mechanisms have to be built, serve a purpose, and make sense – in the context of the game.

In this way, the keepers of the Records, and the records themselves, would allow Consciousness further freedom to explore farther and farther regions of beingness, knowing that there would always be a way to recover that which could be forgotten. The Akashic Records thus were one of the formalized tools by which Spirit was given more freedom to Be, and Explore, whatever it decided to. It gave Spirit,  and Souls, the ability to explore, without the burden of risking losing themselves forever.

Planet Earth has its own set of local Akashic Records, that keep the memories of your past-lives, life contracts, and everything related. However, on an upper level such Records also exist, but their scope is the entire Universe, all planes, dimensions and realities, not just this one planet. I tend to call these the Universal, or Cosmic, Akashic Records, to make the distinction between the lives you’ve had on the Earth realm, and the entire scope of existences you’ve had on the entirety of the Universe.

To be specific, however, there isn’t really a “separation” between Earth’s records and those of the other planes. It’s all about the same thing, just on another scope altogether. When remembering the past, most people tend to focus on past-lives on Earth, while I go at a much grander level than that – pretty much anywhere between right now, and ever since the Soul left The Creator Source. Most of the Readings I do focus upon this Galaxy. I think that’s the most relevant to the scope of our existence and context here, and for the entirety of metaphysical and spiritual discussions in this time.

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    1. Website Update, Articles
    1. Website Update, Articles
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