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Spirituality is Not About Restriction

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Spirituality is aligning with what suits you and makes you happy here on Earth, in balance and in integrity, so that you enjoy every experience you desire to, without forgetting you are an eternal being of Light.

That’s it. No more, no less.

Ascension, Enlightenment, the spiritual journey, whatever term you prefer to use, is a state of balance and clarity, of knowing yourself and how to exist in alignment with yourself. It is not an attempt at improvement, perfection, restraint, or modelling your behavior after someone else.

Spirituality is not about being vegetarian. You become sensitive to the energy of animals, so you refrain from eating them, thinking you’re contributing to a better world. Then you pass away and you realize on the other side how animals are in profound and deeply passionate service on Earth, some of them to provide sustenance. Realizing you had been restricting yourself beyond reason, now you’re eager to come back to feast on all the pork you want. But now you go overboard and develop excess weight and cholesterol. The previous imbalance is now a new imbalance.

Some people are naturally adverse to eating meat and animal-derived food, and those are legitimately meant to restraint or give up on it, since this is part of their Essence, and they’ll feel better as they do so. Others are meant to improve their diet by reducing meat, gradually, and eventually. But all others are simply adopting another belief system, not really listening to their individual Essence, which is more “right” about them than any movement or external opinion is.

Some become conscious of the insensitive and demeaning treatment society handles animals with, including those meant for consumption. And this is true. Life is supposed to be honored and respected, even when meant as sustenance. The degree of empathy towards the suffering of animals is a direct indicator of one’s sensitivity and spiritual alignment. But that does not imply animals should not be used for food. It only means they are meant to be respected in their service.

The boundary is when you regard a specific animal as an individual, when you name an animal, for example when you have a pet. That’s when killing it would be the same as killing a part of yourself. But if it’s an unnamed animal being bread in a farm for the purposes of sustenance, then while you still need to respect and honor their service, it’s admissible to harvest them, because their spiritual energies will have come in in alignment with that purpose.

Spirituality is not about being always kind. Your Essence is not in the next person. If you follow your Essence you’re always kind when you can be. You won’t be trying to cause harm of obtain personal gain outside of integrity.

The Earth has been transitioning from 3D to 4D: from the arrogant evil pragmatism, one that sacrifices principle for the sake of gain, the “all out for themselves” mentality (3D), to the sensitivity towards suffering, the peaceful coexistence and communion, not harming those in a vulnerable condition, and kindness and mindfulness when dealing with others (4D). So the vast majority of spiritual and philosophical teachings on Earth always revolve around kindness, peace and humbleness. As opposed to aggression, war, ego, vengeance.

But kindness without balance can be an excuse for you to be a doormat. Kindness can be interpreted as a synonym of charity as an obligation. That if you don’t think about others first, then you’re selfish and guilty. And where there’s guilt, there isn’t enjoyment, there isn’t love, there isn’t Essence. Pleasure is now a dirty word.

This is not all there is to it. There is more. Beyond 4D there’s the 5D, the freedom of expression; there’s 6D, the ability to understand all sides without judgement, and there’s 7D, the liberty to experience anything you wish without attachment. You are absolutely free as a Soul to choose any experience you want, in integrity but without obligations, and you are responsible for your personal lessons. And so is everyone else.

You can be perfectly within your spiritual Essence, think about (love) yourself first, and still be a positive benevolent force in the Universe, one which serves and heals others, and raises energy.

Spirituality is not about restriction. You’re “addicted” to candy, and so you’re losing health, gaining weight because of it. So perhaps you need to stop eating chocolate for a while. Perhaps you need some healing, perhaps you need to analyse what’s at the source of the craving, and address it. And to do that, maybe you need the decision to give up on candy for now, so you can remove the noise and explore yourself.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you must give up on candy forever. It might, it might not. What if candy is part of your Essence, and you’re here on Earth to enjoy it? If that’s the case, by giving up on candy completely, on the long term, you’re really giving up on a part of your Essence. That is the same as chopping off your arm. You love candy. Maybe you just need regulation, because your physical body has limitations. But this doesn’t label candy as “wrong”.

Spirituality is only about improvement, and seeking, for as long as you lack the answers towards what you seek, and you hold beliefs of separation and lack of balance. As long you don’t know the answers about yourself, then granted, there is seeking, questioning, continual work to be done. Granted, it may be challenging at times, mountains to climb, walls to break down. This is the path.

But spirituality is not about changing yourself. You adjust, calibrate, and heal. You question, inquire, and make decisions. But your Essence always stays the same. You are who you are. What is aligned with your Essence is, and what isn’t, isn’t.

You are meant to decide at each moment what’s best for you. Now I eat candy, now I don’t. Now I eat meat, now I don’t. But if you abide by external belief systems that limit you, like “meat is wrong”, “candy is wrong”, immediately you’re restricted in making your own choices.

Spirituality is about matching who you really are, to your reality here on Earth, so that you can be you in all your aspects, while still remaining in balance, without guilt, without obligation, without restraints, and without limitation. Like Buddha said, everything in moderation.

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