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Akashic Records Readings FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the metaphysical archives that store all your past events and experiences as a Soul, including past-lives on Earth, as well as experiences on other planes, existences, and places beyond Earth.

Past-Lives? You mean Reincarnation?


What can I expect from an Akashic Records Reading?

A reading typically focuses on a past-life on Earth, or a manifestation beyond Earth. The context of your Soul’s journey is explored, and how memories from the past may influence in your life today. In a reading however any kind of information can be addressed. Its ultimate purpose is to assist you in knowing Who You Really Are.

Do you perform your readings online?

Yes, the majority of my readings are online, either through Skype or via email – written doc or audio recording. This is entirely your choice.

How do the readings work?

I perform the reading by myself, over a period of time, and after that I’ll convey the information to you, either over a Skype session, or send it to your email, depending on what you’ve chosen.

What do you need to read my Records?

Your name only (ex: “John Smith”).

How do you avoid confusing me with someone else with the same name?

Your name doesn’t work as an unitary pointer to you; rather, it’s a symbol for your intent and openness to receive the reading.

How long is a reading?

Skype sessions and audio recordings, of readings delivered in that manner, are roughly around 60 minutes; the total amount of information in written readings equates to about 1-4 times this length; quick readings are the shortest, usually fitting a moderate size email. These are generic estimates. The length of a reading, as well as the nature of the information, directly depend on your energy and what you are prepared to know.

Can I place questions for the reading?

Yes. If you don’t ask any questions, the reading will bring up the information from the records that is most relevant for you to hear at this point in time. If you do ask questions, those questions will set the intent and theme for the reading.

Do you have examples of readings?

Yes: published readings

Do you ask money for your readings?

Yes. Pricing and payment info in the readings page.

Do you have testimonials?

Yes: Testimonials

How long does it take you to perform a reading?

Each reading takes me a number of days to perform. I only have one reading ‘active’ at any given time. Scheduling of readings is done by order of payment. Upon payment I will communicate to you the date your reading is scheduled to be delivered.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes. The waiting list (for Akashic Records Readings) will be indicated in the readings page, white panel below the Paypal button.

Your waiting list is so long. Can you perform my reading any sooner?

No. You can always request a Quick Reading, or a Guidance Session, which are scheduled on a much shorter notice.

Can I ask questions after the reading?

Yes, I’ll be available to answer a reasonable, fair amount of questions, related to the reading. If you purchased a Skype Session together with an audio file or written document, then the Skype session can be used to answer questions.

Can I follow-up a reading with further readings other topics?

Yes you can.

Can I request a reading for another person (for example as a gift)?

No. A reading must be performed for the person who comes to me to request it. Generally speaking, if you’re willing to request a reading – for example to help another, or present them with a gift – it is usually and generally speaking you who are spiritually ready, and should ask, for a reading.

In what languages do you perform/write readings?

English and Portuguese.