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  • 19 March 2017How do I hold a conversation after spiritual awakening?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Generally speaking, by detaching from the need (sense of obligation) to engage in conversation.

    It is normal and perhaps inevitable that you find you no longer completely connect with the energy and perspectives that those who are not awakened, and consequently with interaction and conversation with them.

    This doesn’t imply absence of conversation or isolation from society. It doesn’t mean you should run off to the mountain and never speak to others ever again unless they are enlightened. It simply means you’ll have to adjust your expectations to the interactions that are possible.

    With spiritual awakening there usually comes a degree of detachment from the necessity to conform with the normal rules and expectations of the collective - and this includes the need itself to hold a conversation.

    Save for the necessary and “functional” interactions you may have to have with others in your everyday life, generally speaking you do not need to hold conversations if they don’t resonate with you. If you are uncomfortable with them or if you feel you’re losing energy by having them.

    So if you feel you do not wish to hold a conversation you don’t really need to, I would consider trusting that feeling, and simply detaching from the interaction, i.e. not engaging, to whichever degree it is possible and feasible. Or, at least, while the conversation lasts, releasing yourself within from the necessity of meeting external expectations of those you are interacting with.

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  • 14 March 2017Is it possible to be reincarnated on a different planet?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    You can go through incarnation cycles on other planets, yes. But generally speaking you may not incarnate on another planet without having completed your incarnation cycles on Earth. You are for the moment as if “subscribed” to this specific incarnation process.

    There are some specific situations where you may be allowed to "hop" in incarnation from one planet to the next, particularly if they are within the same level of consciousness (ex: 4D), and can considered to be associated (ex: same region of space, similar energy of those inhabiting it, etc). In that situation it can then be considered you aren't incarnating in one planet, but in the group of them.

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  • 2 March 2017Can a Person be a Pleiadien and an Indigo?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    An Indigo is person born with his/her inner spiritual Essence and Truth - and perception of equivalent Truth externally - being ingrained i.e. “locked in place”, in such a manner that it will not go away, even if the person were to chose otherwise (or even if the person herself is not aware of it).

    In loose terms, being “Pleiadian” is the circumstance of you as a spiritual entity having incarnation experience in (i.e. coming “from”) the area of space known to us as the Pleiades, or otherwise retaining connections with said energies and realms on a spiritual level.

    One and the other are not mutually exclusive, and are not necessarily related. It’s like saying you are of masculine gender, and you also have blonde hair. You can be both at the same time.

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  • 4 February 2017After a warm shower with just water, will all traces of other people go away?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    This answer is offered within a spiritual context, given the question’s tags.

    Water has a natural cleansing effect on your aura and personal energy. When you bathe you are cleansing to a degree residual energies you received from experiences and people you met.

    This is not necessarily to be interpreted in a absolute, flawless sense (i.e. I’ll bathe and therefore 100% of all energy on me will be removed) but water does hold a cleansing effect on an energy level.

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  • 4 February 2017Can anyone view my Akashic Record?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Akashic records readers can see into your records with your permission. You can also do so yourself.

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  • 12 December 2016What causes a spiritual awakening? Does it happen by one's own will or does it come from grace?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Spiritual awakening happens because you, on a spiritual level, decided it was time for it to happen. You were ready. So when the opportune moment comes during your lifetime, the circumstances align so that the awakening can be dispensed.

    These circumstances vary from case to case. You may, for example (and much like it happened to you) find this one special book when living a difficult situation. Or you may hear a word, or a expression. Or, you may find a specific person that has an impact in your life.

    You could call these things “triggers”. They ignite the spark from within and set you in motion in that path. Multiple triggers may apply to multiple phases of awakening. You could see these things “causing” spiritual awakening, however they aren’t so much causes, but more like milestones, reminders, meant to resonate with your inner self at the right time.

    Does spiritual awakening happen by your own will, or does it come from grace? What if the answer is, both?

    You’re making the choice for spiritual awakening on subtle spiritual levels; and that same choice is also being made by the human being, “down below” in the physical, as he accepts and embraces the shift, and the discovery, along the way.

    At the same time it also is delivered, dispensed, made available, from Grace, from Spirit, from the Divine, however you wish to label it. It is something that goes above and beyond the scope of what the human mind can conceive or predict - which is why the choice of the human in embracing it is so important.

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  • 11 December 2016If you believe in reincarnation and not being attached, then does that mean that all relationships you develop are actually pointless?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Detachment is not the same as absence of connection or meaning.

    Attachment is when you perceive you depend on something - an idea, an experience, a person, an outcome, anything really - in order to be okay and well. In other words, you are making your wellness rest on something external, other than yourself. This may bring about such experiences like co-dependency, emotional frailty, and otherwise unbalanced situations.

    Detachment is a key concept in spiritual growth as it consists in not depending from getting what you want, who you like, or have things exactly the way you think they should be. It’s not that you’re meant to not like things or experience them, or not have meaningful, deep relationships. It simply means you are removing the attachment bit from them, thus making them healthy and balanced. This is what I wanted to say about the concept of “attachment”.

    To address this question’s details, when you reincarnate there are certain choices you are allowed to make for your next like, such as, for instance, the possibility of carrying over into the new life previous successful relationships (with the other person’s agreement of course). In that sense you don’t lose anything at the end of the previous life; you merely forget about it (temporarily) in the beginning of the new one.

    When you build upon, and explore, a spiritual connection with another in the human experience, that spiritual connection exists on the spiritual levels, and carries over from previous lifetimes.

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  • 10 December 2016Can I be an animal in my next life?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Under normal circumstances, no.

    Anything is technically possible, but this is not a run-of-the-mill kind of choice. You do not get to choose to incarnate as an animal in equal footing with the choice of being human.

    An animal physical form would be very limiting in terms of intellect and manifestation of Soul-derived attributes, so much so that it would be extremely risky for you to conduct an actual incarnation as an animal. The risk would be to compress and lower your consciousness as a spiritual entity, in other words going backwards, cheaply throwing away all your hard work and hard-earned progress as a spiritual being.

    So under normal circumstances, no, you do not get to incarnate as an animal in your next life.

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  • 10 December 2016All my life I have been Christian because my family brought me up to be one. Lately ever since I became 15, (I'm currently 20) I don't feel like one but I still believe in God. How do I find out what my relationship with God is?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Choose a private and comfy place and time you know you won’t be bothered or interrupted by anyone. It can be your bedroom at night, for example.

    Sit down in your bed, on the ground, or on a chair. In silence, think about what you would really like to ask. For example, “What is my relationship with God?”.

    Now ask it aloud. “Please show me how my relationship with God is like”. For example.

    Then wait.

    You may, or may not feel or experience things right away at that time. You may have certain sensations, feelings, or for example smelling something, etc. Or you may not feel anything at all at that time - but you may receive a response on the next day, out of a casual, seemingly unrelated conversation.

    You can’t control when or how you get an answer. But you made the question. You said it aloud. That’s the important part. The trick was to get to the point where you made it in the first place.

    God is always listening - particularly when you mean it. Simply be open for the answer.

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  • 10 December 2016Is life mostly good or mostly bad?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Life tends to be a reflection of your inner self as well as any challenges and lessons you chose to undertake, first and foremost. So the answer is not absolute, rather it is mostly subjective, to you.

    All reality is ultimately benevolent, at its deepest core. However our external reality is also designed to reflect your inner self at all times, and to be a catalyst of lesson and experience, which may not always result in tidy, innocuous stories. Sometimes things get messy.

    Nevertheless, it is also true that if you choose (or are able to) take on reality with an optimistic mindset, in an upbeat manner, and/or with a degree of peace, and holding a perspective that admits 1) that things always follow an inner meaning, and 2) things can only get better, then reality will always tend to follow those directives, which you are setting for yourself.

    The other way around is also true. If you grow to believe that reality is unfair, unpredictable, meaningless, and chaotic, then the Universe will surely oblige, giving you experiences that make you feel just that. At which point you’ll certainly have reasons to support such interpretation.

    The trick is to understand that reality is not an hostile chaotic beast, it is a system that is designed with the intention of providing you meaningful experience - whether you’re aware of it or not. But, if you start to get to grips with this, over time you can have it becomes less of a challenging environment, and more something that you can somewhat influence, direct, and guide.

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  • 27 November 2016Do you think that past lives are linked with reincarnation?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    It is the same as asking if felines are linked with cats.

    To reincarnate implies multiple lives.

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  • 10 November 2016Assuming reincarnation happens: If I have lover with whom I can’t be in this life, can we be together in the next life?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    The way this question is articulated leads me to assume the questioner is experiencing some kind of unrequited love or interest, i.e. there is a romantic interest in someone, yet this person does not feel the same way about the questioner.

    In this sense, I would observe that the intention behind the question is to create a link, or attachment, between himself and the person in question, one that would, in theory, allow the two to be together, if not now, then in a future life. This intention is held because, in a way, it eases the pain and frustration of not being able to be with the person, that the person in question is choosing something differently.

    Should that be the case, I would further observe that such an intention, to the degree that is held by the questioner, is not necessarily in balance, i.e. endorsed by Spirit/Light. Because it envisions the pairing of the two regardless of the current desire or choice of the person the questioner holds his/her interest about.

    Any intention that implies bypassing another’s free will is intrinsically karmic and negative in nature.

    Because in its nature the intention tries to circumvent the current choice of the object of attention, this is akin to an intention of creating a karmic bond or negative psychic attachment. As an intention it attempts to keep the person bound to the self even if against her will, and for the future.

    (This does not mean the intention of creating these things actually creates them. But I’m addressing the intention itself, as it is held from within by the questioner, from his/her perspective.)

    There is also an attempt to create a type of mental space - even if fictional, imagined - where the person makes a different choice than the one made in real life. Or at least to have some hope from having the possibility open in the future.

    Deep down it is an intention of control. A desire to “make” the person choose the way I wanted to. But by doing this, the legitimate feelings of pain and frustration are not really being faced and addressed within.

    Should this interpretation hold true, the suggestion offered by this answer is for the questioner to, as far as possible and feasible, focus first on frontally facing, and accepting, his/her own feelings of frustration and pain, now, in the present moment - despite any choices the person made or makes, the outcome of the current situation, or whatever happens in the future.

    This would be the way to truly surrender to this situation and heal from it, while holding respect for the other person’s choice. It would also, in the long run, open up one’s emotional space so that a new person who can make a different choice may manifest in one’s life.

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  • 8 November 2016How do you find out information about your past life if you have one?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    The most typical situation is for one to have many past lives. Seldom is the case when you had just one.

    There are multiple ways to find out about your past-lives. One is through past life regression. In this situation you are directed, in a relaxed and focused state of awareness, to retrieve the memories yourself. Therefore you “see” and feel them yourself.

    Another way is through Akashic Records readings. In this method a practitioner accesses intuitively your Akashic Records - the metaphysical registry of your past-lives - and then communicates the information to you. Akashic Records readings can be done from distance, this is how I perform mine.

    If I’m permitted a bit of self-advertising, here are a number of full readings I’ve published (anonymously) at my website: Readings

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  • 5 November 2016I want to try past life regression, but I'm scared. What should I do?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    You can set your intention so that the information that comes through the regression is meaningful to you but does not scare you.

    Your spirit guides will then take that intention and make it so during the regression.

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  • 5 November 2016How long does the soul live after death?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    The Soul is immaterial and infinite.

    It does not live as such, at least not like the physical body of the human being. In simple terms, it is “made of” energy, knowledge, Love.

    So the Soul doesn’t die, because it doesn’t live. The Soul just is. And it is forever.

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  • 1 October 2016In order to have a soul connection with someone, do both need to be emotionally available?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    You can’t make Soul connections.

    The connection between two Souls exists on the spiritual level, and as such is not affected by your choices on the human level.

    The choice of the human determines, affects, whether you create a relationship, and how you handle it, on the human level, out of an existing spiritual connection. But, the spiritual connection itself lies beyond human existence.

    A connection between two Souls is either there, or it isn’t. Then, in your lifetime, you can discover this connection as if it was new to you, explore it, build a relationship upon it. You can have joint experiences of friendship, love, learning (and self-learning). But you can’t make it. The connection between the two Souls was already there to begin with, before you met, even before this life.

    On the human level, you might or might not establish a relationship with whom you have a spiritual connection with. You may or may not be emotionally available, as you say, and if you aren’t, chances are that you won’t be open to it.

    Then again, if you aren’t emotionally available or ready for the person, what will often happen is that you two won’t gravitate towards each others to begin with. You simply won’t meet.

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  • 27 September 2016Does everyone have spirit guides, despite how they've acted on earth?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Yes. It is the human being’s Free Will that allows him/her, precisely, to act in alignment, or in misalignment, with the Light, of which their own Spirit Guides are representatives and ambassadors of.

    Actually, a human being cannot function properly without the presence of their spiritual team. They are an integral part of the way incarnation works.

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  • 27 September 2016Do psychic pet readings work?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    One cannot attest that every metaphical reading, performed on animals or not, will be 100% trustworthy and benign. This is up to one’s discernment to evaluate.

    But if the question is, is it possible that readings performed on pets is a thing, then the answer is yes. Animals have emotional and spiritual energy to them, and for this reason many modalities of metaphysical practices work on them also.

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  • 22 September 2016Is it fundamentally cruel to keep an animal as a house pet e.g confined to the house 24/7?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    What is cruelty?

    If a cat lives on the street or in the wild he’s in a setting that’s much more ‘natural’ and instinctive to him/her, yes. He/she’s also going to live half the time, fight constantly with others. It’ll live in a mode of functioning where he/she’ll have to struggle every day just to get by. I suppose that’s a kind of ‘freedom’, yes. But a relative kind of freedom, I suppose.

    If you harbour animals at home and you give them proper care and attention as needed, I don’t see how this is cruelty in any way. Sure, they’ll have a different, perhaps more languid and less natural lifestyle. They’ll also and hopefully be surrounded by love, peace, joy, and the opportunity to not live in survival mode.

    We live in a world which obliges us every day to earn our sustenance. If it was up to the rest of world, we’d have zero tolerance to dictate how much rest and fun we have, or how much time we have to explore our passions and gifts in life. Is this not the deepest cruelty? And yet, we carry on. Tomorrow is another day.

    If we were to ponder too deeply about what is absolutely right or wrong in our reality, we’d never leave bed.

    You do what you need to do.

    When I felt I wanted a cat while living in an apartment, I got two (rescued), so they would always have each other even if I wasn’t home. Would I want them to have a grassy garden where they could stretch their legs and run around? Definitely. Do I feel cruel about not being able to give them that, while still having them? No.

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  • 23 August 2016Does reincarnation happen instantly at the time of death or is there a limbo where you wait in que?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    This “limbo” you speak of is in fact the primary, the majority, of your existence as a spiritual being.

    An incarnation is an exception. A punctual event. Your existence is otherwise spiritual and infinite.

    So when you pass away, you typically are invited to go back into the spiritual realms in a spiritual state. Then, you have a number of opportunities, being able to experience a number of things that might fit your particular current spiritual moment. For example, spending some time at a specific (metaphysical) place specifically to rest after the incarnation; or being assigned to a place of learning so you may understand your past experiences and lessons better, and/or learn new things to assist with a future new incarnation. And after spending the adequate amount of time doing those things (hopefully, ideally), that’s when you would you be able to consider going into incarnation again.

    As a side note, it’s really very common for spiritual beings to rush into incarnation without being completely prepared, though. But that’s a story for another time.

    Finally, it is possible to incarnate right away without any time in between incarnations, depending if you can take it, and if it fits your specific circumstances.

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  • 17 August 2016Is there a way to find out if some particular person is related to any of your past lives?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Answer to the main question: yes, by reading your Akashic Records.

    Answer to the question’s description: yes, and/or it can also be an energy link between you two, one which both are unwilling to let go. The reasons for this, might or might not be meaningful/healthy.

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  • 8 August 2016How do you distinguish between Spirit guides and other spiritual beings?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Technically the distinction is simply the role they have towards you. Spirit Guides are spiritual beings who happen to be assigned to the support and guidance of you and your personal life.

    Also, I’d like to offer a different perspective on this. I would like to question if this is truly the most pressing aspect of the experience described.

    It is the mind that wants to define things very clearly, have everything well established and separated. Is this A, B, or C? Was this for X or Y? Are they of the yellow team or the green team?

    Let me ask you the following: would it be possible that it could have been A, B, and C, all at the same time? Much like you and me play multiple roles in life, a spiritual entity can be a spirit guide, and an angel, and a part of God…

    In my perspective, the most important aspect about an experience with spiritual entities is, first and foremost, if the interaction is positive, benevolent, caring, uplifting. This is, I suppose, the first distinction that needs to be made by the self, leaving any further categorisations to a second phase, so to speak, of questioning.

    Benevolent spiritual interaction is often meant to leave you guessing, wondering, questioning. It sparks your interest, your curiosity. What was this? Who were they? What was this for? This is how the human is first introduced to Spirit and its nature.

    By the sound of your question, it seems it achieved just that.

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  • 29 July 2016I feel no motivation for worldly success, as I have always been drawn to spiritual pursuits. Is this normal? Shouldn't I care more about this life?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    You “should” nothing.

    If you came into this life with the intention of spiritual pursuit, why would you then question why you aren’t willing to go for other things? It’s just a pointless delay.

    Just allow yourself to be drawn to what you call spiritual pursuits, in whichever form you deem adequate. And don’t pay too much attention to what you are “supposed” to be doing by the models of others. Others don’t know about you.

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  • 29 July 2016Is loving someone or hating someone a Karma?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Many relationships and connections in the human reality can stem from karma, yes.

    Hating, or for example having a pet peeve about someone, especially if it’s a person you don’t really know very well but you seem ‘predisposed’ to have strong feelings towards them, can be a strong indicator that this is a situation carried over from the past (beyond lifetimes).

    Experiencing strong feelings of attraction, which one could sometimes labelled as “love”, can sometimes also be karmic. This would equate to the sensation of the “punch in the stomach” when you see someone. This punch in the stomach is not necessarily an indicator that the person is right for you; rather, it can be your 2nd chakra resonating with unfinished/unsolved emotions, again stemming from the past.

    It is not a rule that whatever one feels is necessarily 100% because of karma. You can - and should, it is a legitimate normal thing - develop fresh preferences (dislikes, likes) about things and people in life, in the present moment. Karma, on the other hand, is most likely present when you bear those emotions that are more biased, deep-seated, ingrained, intense, and seem to bind you and take precedence over your better judgement. It is more intense than simply liking or disliking something/someone; it binds you to that dislike and keeps you identified with it.

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  • 29 July 2016How can I stop my soul from harassing me with recordings of memories from its previous host?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    If I understood correctly the premise of this question, I would consider the possibility of you being shown information (and emotions, and memories) regarding a past life of yours.

    So in that sense, this “host” you speak of is not a different separate person, but in fact yourself - just in another lifetime. This would be one of the reasons for the memories feeling so real.

    As to why you are being shown this, perhaps you have an open connection with this past life, perhaps to process the trauma or any unfinished or unresolved memories. The situation itself, of course, would possibly be a catalyst for you to reformulate your concepts regarding the soul and its experiences, and to become more familiar with the reality of reincarnation.

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  • 28 July 2016Is there a way I can find out what my karma is with my mother?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Karma can be understood as unsolved, possibly unpleasant and/or undesired, experience originated in the past and that repeats in the present.

    In that sense, the karma with your mother is right there in front of you: it is the pattern of repeating experience you describe, as well as the emotions and reactions you have to it. That is the karma with your mother.

    Now, you may wonder about the context of said karma. What originated it; what stories you two share from the past that gave rise to that specific situation. What choices, beliefs, and biases you have internally that make the draw the situation to you. I would call this the context, meaning, or perhaps the “story”, surrounding this experience.

    To uncover, understand, or at least attempt to heal and resolve said context of meaning, is one of the core objectives in life, of anyone. Spiritually you seek liberation and resolution of whatever troubles you. That is how spirit learns its lessons.

    One of many ways to uncover and learn what lies in the past, as well as to understand more of the self in order to unblock beliefs and perspectives that are locking unpleasant situations in place in the present, is to access your Akashic Records via readings.

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  • 27 July 2016What is the point in humans having souls?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Humans are souls. There is no way they could not be. For this reason the question loses much of its significance.

    Perhaps a follow-up question would be, what’s the point in souls having physical human bodies.

    And the (much simplified) answer is, to provide souls with means to have experience and lesson in the physical realm.

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  • 17 July 2016Is spiritual awakening an instantaneous process or is it gradual?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Spiritual awakening is a gradual ongoing process, sprinkled with more visible or noteworthy milestone-like moments along the way. The long-term, ‘continuous’ part of the process tends to be less visible to the human being, whereas the more punctual milestones tend to be more visible, more noteworthy.

    Let me offer a simplistic scenario as example: let’s say that on a given day you undergo an event A that leads you to the an experience you’d describe as an awakening. So prior to day A you were not awakened (or less awakened) and after it you were (or you were more).

    In this scenario, while you could pinpoint and observe event A, and you would say ‘My awakening happened with A’, there was still an ongoing process in your life, prior to A, that prepared you for A and lead you there. If nothing else, event A happened because your spirit was ready, or being readied, to experience it.

    This scenario is simplistic. While one can usually certainly pinpoint the an important first event or events that lead to the beginnings of their awakening process, your awakening doesn't stop there. It is not the case that you were 0% awakened prior to A, and after A you were 100% awakened. Rather, the more common circumstance is that A is one milestone in a long process with many more along the way, each offering you one more piece of the puzzle; one more portion of personal insights and transformation. In a manner of speaking, life is an ongoing spiritual awakening.

    You do not instantly become enlightened when you awaken spiritually. There is more along the way. There is a path to be threaded.

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  • 6 July 2016How can one learn by being reincarnated if one cannot remember their past mistakes?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    The current incarnation system works by letting you explore both sides of choices you made. Typically, you first make a choice or action, and then, afterwards, you experience the ‘other side’ of that same choice - for example, someone makes a similar choice, externally, and you experience the consequences of the other person’s choice or action, to the degree that said choice/action involves you.

    The thing about this system, as observed by the question, is that you don’t necessarily consciously remember the choice you made in the past. You might - for example if you did that choice or action, big or small, it in this same life - or you might not - if it was a choice from past-lives. In the first case you may have the opportunity of seeing first-hand how the system of action/reflection works, by connecting what you did with what is now happening to you. In the case of the latter, it will feel like things are just happening to you randomly, and/or without any connection you can see.

    To answer the question, the process of learning through experience technically does not require you to consciously make the connection between the past choice and its reflection in the present (although to do so is certainly a process of expansion of personal awareness). To learn, in a spiritual sense, you don’t need to make such connection: you just need to experience and explore the situation at hand, and make choices accordingly.

    The fundamental reason for this, is because while you might not recall everything about your past in a human-level conscious sense, your spiritual self does. In other words, everything that was chosen and experienced in the past might not be consciously remembered, but it stays with you nonetheless. It became a part of you. It is always with you. Call it a “spiritual” memory, if you will.

    This is the same reason why you retain many of your patterns and tendencies across lives - for example eating, sleeping, walking, talking, gesturing, habits in general - seemingly unaware of it, or why it is so. You remain the “same person, the same individual (in a manner of speaking) throughout your past-lives, even if you don’t remember it. It is a continuous sequence, where death/birth work more like milestones, or steps along the way, rather than ends/beginnings.

    This is why the lesson if always valid and always has meaning to you, whether you realize it or not.

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  • 27 June 2016If reincarnation is real, where do murderers and bad people go?(Question may have further details which could have influenced the answer given.) Nuno Desa

    Every one of those here reading, asking, and answering, have been, at some point or another, rapists, molesters, murderers, criminals, and so on. Those to whom you would describe as “bad people”.

    The human being is a spiritual being first and foremost, experiencing through incarnation many realities and situations. And sometimes, it just so happens that this journey involves the exploration of a very deep kind of dark.

    Those who fairly evolved as spiritual beings in their spiritual journeys have all been through experiences of the sort. When you see them today, perhaps you’d call them “good people”. This is because at some point they chose to leave the dark and come into the light.

    It is very rare that there is such a thing as a “bad person”, at least, in an absolute, spiritual sense. What there is, is a spiritual entity, possibly currently undergoing its exploration of the very dark within the realm of duality.

    This doesn't mean you shouldn't defend yourself, protect yourself, handle such situations as you deem best. That’s your legitimate right. But beware of the judgement, the labelling: “this person is 100% bad”. For you don’t know (or you don’t remember) when you were once in that place. Or if you may be in the future.

    Murderers and ‘bad people’ don’t go anywhere. They stay here with us. They go the same places we do. They are us. They go and return, recycle and repeat, in this journey called life. A journey we’re all part of.

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