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The Energy of Spaces and People: How It Works

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When you walk into a room and you feel the energy is so heavy you “could cut it with a knife”, what is this energy you’re talking about? Humidity in the air? Toxic fumes? No. you are referring to actual energy, the unseen and subtle “stuff”.

Energy may or may not be scientifically understood or measurable – but it can always be felt. Energy is a simple, straightforward thing to grasp. When you use the word ‘energy’ to describe a personal mood, an environment, a “vibe”, you are referring to an actual thing. When Cesar Millan says “calm-assertive energy”, he is referring to it.

Energy is not a just word used to get abstract ideas across. It exists. We all feel it, and we know it’s there. The ease with which we use the word energy is a reflection of how intuitively we handle it.

How Energy Works

The human is sensitive to the energy of things, and of people. Everything has an energy component, and we always exchange energy with each other when we interact. We are always in touch with the energy of the environment we are in. ‘Introversion’ refers to the sensitivity towards the subtle nuances of this exchange of energy. The more sensitive you are to this, the more intense and overwhelming interacting with others is to you.

When you sense you’re being ‘watched’ by someone before seeing who’s actually looking at you, what you are sensing is energy.

Physical spaces have their own energy. It tends to physically extend outwards, a little bit more than the strictly ‘solid’ shape of the space. This is because energy envelops matter, not the other way around. Every object and every being has an energy counterpart to it. Matter is a “condensation” of the broader energy setting, if you will. Energy and matter interact, affect, and transform into each other, in a constant equilibrium – being physical matter the visible part of this.

By living stacked on top of each other — I’m referring to apartment buildings, but also to houses with not much open or natural areas between them — you are living in a space that overlaps with the spaces of others, from multiple directions. In turn, the space each person lives in affects, and is affected by, his own personal energy, thoughts, and moods.

Your neighbor on the floor below you is struggling with his debts and financial situation. The neighbor on the same floor is angry and frustrated at how he’s being treated by his wife. Now you are feeling the emotions of struggling with money, anger, and frustration — without realizing it’s not really yours.

If you happen to have zero issues with money, or with your relationship with your partner is fine, then the energy will simply spread around, inert and inactive, in the vicinity. You don’t tune with it. You don’t relate with it. It isn’t yours. But the energies, thoughts, and emotions, can pile up and magnify each other.

The moment you have a little, small moment-detail of insecurity regarding money, all of a sudden the accumulated energy of “struggling with money” rushes in. You are tuning into it. It echoes with your small seed of insecurity. So now, the otherwise small doubt becomes emotionally charged. And it becomes a bigger issue that it would, simply because that’s what you feel. And never, at any point, did you suspect that how you felt about the situation, was not all yours.

Accumulated energy will inevitably influence you with the mindset it was created with — even if you did’t experience any actual events yet. Even if an energy stays in the background, things in the background still affect you greatly. The background music in a movie massively affects the emotional impact you experience. The background in a painting tells you where a scene takes place, it gives meaning to it.

You are part of the energetic environment you are in. You affect it, and it affects you.

The accumulated energy and though-forms can, and should, be cleansed periodically. Things like crystals, incenses, music, etc, all can be used to cleanse and lighten up the energy of spaces (and people).

Nevertheless, everyone will have issues and concerns in life. Everyone struggles and doubts. Questioning is a normal process in living. So it’s inevitable that we all create, work, and affect, energy. But the high degree of proximity with each other often leads to a large degree of energetic promiscuity, a big, jumbled mess  which mostly goes unnoticed.

A Better Way To Live

I don’t believe humans are meant to live in a sea of interactions, and with their physical living spaces and quarters so close to each other. In order for a person to be able to naturally balance itself, there’s a degree of safeguarding that needs to be acknowledged on the individual level.

The more humans grow to be more sensitive, the more reserved they will be. Not in a harmful way, as in being absorbed by online connections but not having a “real” life; but in the sense of being more concerned about their own space, and making choices to prevent energy loss. The more they will adopt ‘introvert’ perspectives, in the sense of minding the environment they are in, and the energy they choose to interact with. The focus will naturally become more about my local area, my space, and my “energy management”.

Nature has the highest energy on Earth. Places of pristine, undisturbed Nature are always the places with the purest and most intense energy on the planet. For this reason, building living environments with natural materials, and integrated in a symbiotic manner with Nature, with natural spaces between them, would provide a way to naturally cleanse energy.

This is why people react positively to the hobbit houses in the Lord of the Rings movies. A few people have been taken such task with their own hands, modelling and building their own natural houses, the pictures of which abound on the internet.

I’m not necessarily advocating for self-made barebone construction work, absence of technological advancement, or lack of hygiene and comfort. I’m not saying we should all dig holes on the ground and just cope with the humidity, lack of light, and the bugs. I don’t subscribe to a ‘barely surviving’ perspective. You should be able to live in good quality quarters, in proper comfort, regardless of how green you are, or how progressive you think.

But I do think we can do much more. Treated natural-based materials, such as those based in wood and stone, would work as an extension of Nature itself, integrating seamlessly with it. Minding for houses that are immersed in a natural setting, and providing for physical space around them, where air can pass freely, and energy can be recycled and kept at high levels by automatic, natural means.

Using our technological advancement, but making it work with Nature, rather than being something separate from it, would be the way to go.

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