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Densities and Graduation

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All reality is divided into seven major Densities. The name Densities reflects their nature, each layer being ordered from the most dense/heavy/static, to the more subtle/light/”etheric”, in vibration.

Densities are not places – I refrain from using the term “Dimensions”. They are planes of vibration, all co-existing at the same time and space, superimposed upon each other.

Densities are, first and foremost, levels of consciousness. They are stages in evolution. When you rise and expand in your awareness as a spiritual entity, regardless of where and when you are, you “go” from one Density of consciousness to the next.

All realities in the Universe are meant solely for you to expand and evolve in consciousness. Planet Earth, grossly speaking, is at the moment a reality of the third Density, or 3D. It has further subtle realms to it, but the one humans live “in”, or in other words, where they have their primary focus of consciousness, is the 3D level.

To graduate in your spiritual evolution, on Earth, as a spiritual entity, technically implies going from 3D to 4D, always. Graduation, generally speaking, is what is commonly known as Enlightenment, Liberation, Illumination, Ascension, etc. It is the moment when you complete your lessons, tests, and experiences, in the given reality, thereby surpassing the need to incarnate there. This is Enlightenment in a nutshell.

When you, as a spiritual entity, graduate to a new level of awareness, or Density, that doesn’t mean you instantly become aware of Absolute Infinity, or 7D, the “highest” Density of Consciousness. If you are now operating at 4D, you retain that level, as an entity, even if you aren’t incarnating in a physical body in any given reality.

Your level of consciousness, at any given moment of your spiritual journey, stays as it is – in this example, 4D – even if you simply exist as energy, on the other side of the metaphysical veil. As energy, your perception is unbounded by a physical body, and you are permeated by the infinite Cosmic Love that permeates all things. In these circumstances you get to experience “heaven”, in other words, being immersed in the infinite love of Spirit. But you’re limited in this perception to your current level of awareness, at that time.

Now for a bit of a more “tricky” part.

Even if on Earth you are learning, evolving, and ultimately moving towards a graduation, which is technically from 3D to 4D, you as a spiritual entity may be of a higher level of consciousness.

Think of it as going back to elementary school, even if you’re undergoing, or have graduated, college. Perhaps you wanted to go back and revisit the basis of mathematics. Or, you wanted to go back in time to re-experience elementary school as a 7-year old.

This means that, even though you are in the 3D of Earth, you might really be a 5D, or 6D, entity. So one could say, that you chose to be on Earth, undergoing its experiences, perhaps to repeat/reinforce certain lessons; or perhaps to learn something new in your journey, broaden your expertise – which Earth, being such a particularly difficult yet diverse realm to live in, may offer you.

So you really aren’t pursuing a standard, generic, enlightenment process; you are seeking your own Enlightenment – that which you pursue, and came to Earth to find.

When you find it, you graduate.

As you graduate from Earth, you will find yourself progressing in your broader journey, for example, evolving down your path within the 6th Density. Or perhaps, your graduation to 4D on Earth will coincide with your broader graduation, as a spiritual entity, into 5D, 6D, or 7D.

Your Soul, from its higher vantage point, knows that which you seek. It holds the answers within Itself. But the point is for you to discover and learn those things through experience.

One could say you don’t really know something, until you’ve gone through it.

You might know what skydiving is. You might see people skydiving in television. And you might have friends who have done so, and relay their accounts to you. So you might know, more or less, what skydiving is. But, you don’t know the actual experience, how it actually feels, until you’ve done it yourself.

Knowing about something, no matter how well researched and prepared you are, can be quite different from actually going through it. That’s the difference between theory and practice.

This is what you are doing here on Earth. This is what every entity does as it incarnates, anywhere. To explore, learn, and discover, that which is already within you, by experience.

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