Heart Ki

Content Removed

If you’re reading this text, most likely you followed a link to a page or content on this website that’s no longer available. This is an explanation why.

I try to be judicious about anything and everything that I post, and in tune with its energy. Sometimes it happens that a specific content, even though there’s apparently nothing wrong about it, the energy might be in dissonance, or be lower than what would be ideal. Also, I might not be aware of it instantly. It’s often the case that I need to have something posted and live first, to then discern if I’m happy and proud with the content being available, or not.

Energy and intuition are everything. They are gateways, indicators, of what your guidance team knows. So if I come to I realize something is out of place or shouldn’t be there, I’ll take it down.

If the content you wanted to see lead you to this text instead, please know it was probably removed for the reasons explained above.

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