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Akashic Records Readings

I can read your Akashic records, from a distance, knowing only your name. The Akashic records are the 'memory of Souls', the metaphysical realms where the memories of every Soul are stored. I perform readings by myself, over the span of a few days, without your participation or presence being required. After the reading is finished I'll convey the information to you, through any of the following: in a live Skype session, or by email, as an .mp3 audio file, or a written .pdf document.

A reading typically focuses on your lives/manifestations beyond Earth, or a past-life on Earth. Memories are explored in depth, as well as the context of your Soul's identity and evolution. Clarification is provided to situations from the past that were misunderstood and left unsolved, and that may influence your life today. If the memory is beyond Earth, usually it's explained why and how you came to Earth. With the reading there is extensive in-depth work within your Akashic fields that happens on an energy level, beyond the information and the words.

The purpose of the reading is to expand your knowledge about yourself as a spiritual being, and also the healing of past memories. You receive the information that is the most relevant for you to hear in this moment. For each reading you may also provide questions, which will set its subject and intent.


  • Quick Reading

    A short reading, performed over aprox. 2-3 hours, delivered as plain text by email.
    57€ + 3€ Paypal fees
  • Standard Reading

    A reading performed over 4-6 days, delivered either as an audio recording, or a live Skype* session. Delivered as an audio recording - Delivered in a live Skype* session -
    119€ + 6€ Paypal fees 138€ + 7€ Paypal fees
  • Written Reading

    A reading performed approximately over two weeks. Delivered as a pdf document, via email.
    338€ + 17€ Paypal fees
* The Skype session's audio is always recorded and sent to you by email.

Combos (Quick Readings):

  • Quick Reading+Guidance Session * 105€ + 5€ Paypal fees
  • Two Quick
    105€ + 5€ Paypal fees
  • Three Quick Readings
    152€ + 8€ Paypal fees
* The Skype session's audio is always recorded and sent to you by email.

Combos (Standard and Written):

  • Reading in audio .mp3 file+Skype session * 147€ + 8€ Paypal fees
  • Reading in written .pdf document+audio .mp3 file 357€ + 18€ Paypal fees
  • Reading in written .pdf document+Skype session * 376€ + 19€ Paypal fees
* The Skype session's audio is always recorded and sent to you by email.

Energy Cleansing:

You may order any reading with an added energy cleansing. The cleansing is performed from distance also, prior to the reading, and is meant to support and facilitate it, thus potentiating its quality. Cleansings add 60€ + 4€ Paypal fees to the pricing, and are performed by Teresa. More information: Akashic Records Reading with Clensing.
Akashic Records Readings
Readings with Cleansing (see below, right)

The button will redirect you to a secure Paypal connection where you can perform your payment. You don't need a Paypal account to perform your payment online, just a valid credit card or similar method. You can perform the payment in your currency, Paypal will handle the conversion automatically.

Your reading will be scheduled upon payment, and you'll be contacted via your PayPal email address for further details. Please note you need to reply to this first email in a timely manner for the offered delivery date for the reading to take effect. Be sure to check your SPAM folder if you didn't receive the first email regarding your reading.

Examples of readings (written): Hermione, Bartholomew, Tuhjk, Cassandra

More Reading Examples

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Reading with Cleansing


Terms of Use

Please note: waiting line for Standard and Written Readings is currently around thirteen (13) months; waiting line for Quick Readings as well as Guidance Sessions is currently around two (2) months.

For any further questions feel free to reach me at: mail@heartki.com

Why the values for your readings?
My readings are not only about retrieving information, but also tying up loose ends, and offering clarity, healing, and closure, if and whenever possible - and doing so takes time: Standard audio and Skype readings are performed over one week, while written readings take up to two weeks. Quick readings take less time and for that reason you can bypass the longer waiting times of the other readings.
Why the values for written readings?
The values reflect the added effort and time spend on the reading, as the writing process is more time consuming than communicating the reading verbally. The information of written readings also tends to be more detailed and in-depth, because I spend more time with the reading. All readings published in this website were written readings.