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Akashic Records Reading: Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt

The following is a transcription of a Written Akashic Records Reading, originally performed to a client. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias. For the purposes of this publication some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, or added to, but no changes were made that would alter the original meaning. For more about readings please see: Akashic Records Readings.

relief fresco painting of queen nefertiti playing a game

Part I: Concerning Stagnation

1.1 Drained

When I first connected with Angela’s energy from afar, I experienced a strong sensation of tiredness, both physically and in terms of motivation. I felt so drained it was difficult to physically move, and fulfill menial tasks and activities. I interpreted this lack of energy and drive was something Angela experiences, either at times or perhaps in a more sustained manner. Angela mentioned the had Lyme disease, perhaps what I experienced relates to this disease; it could also be described as being a depressive-like state.

From within this state there was absence of interest or affinity with elements that would otherwise provide the feelings of passion and excitement. All things and activities – leisure and menial, casual and important, etc – were felt as deeply tiresome and bothersome chores. Yet, I also felt a propensity to keep doing those tasks if there was a sense of obligation attached to them. Ironically this would only worsen the sensation of that task being draining, tiresome, and uninteresting.

In this sensation there’s a strong disconnection from the task, and the way the task is being done, with the inner affinity of the self for that same task. It’s possible Angela goes about her life attempting to fulfill goals, objectives, and activities, but not necessarily choosing the objectives that spark her natural inner curiosity and feed her own vital energy. Or perhaps, not doing them if, when, how, or how long, she’d actually wish to perform them.

Such objectives and tasks might appear good, purposeful, useful – in theory. But because they aren’t being done within the correct (as defined by being in alignment with the inner self) timing and manner, they can consume energy and drain the self, as opposed to energize, revitalize, empower, move forward. This is the same to say that there is a lacking with Angela’s own perception of self. It is because of this lack of awareness, lack of connection with the true inner self, that roles, tasks, activities, opinions, objectives, and priorities, may be taken from the outside but not necessarily be aligned, in a practical manner, with the designations of the inner self.

Such objectives and tasks might even be spiritual, esoteric, metaphysical. For it is not true that just because something is spiritual, esoteric, and/or even truthful, that therefore that something is of meaning to, or is in alignment with, the inner self.

Let’s say Angela enjoys helping, uplifting, and providing assistance to others, in whichever way others happen to need assistance, or solicit help for. Helping others gives Angela a sense of meaning, purpose, and makes her feel useful, productive. It makes her feel she’s making a positive difference in the lives of others. However, in this situation the aforementioned disconnection might cause Angela to spend more time and energy than what she should – or what the situation spiritually calls for – resulting in her feeling drained from the experience at the end of it. It may also cause Angela to help in a such a way that will feed the other person’s imbalances, and/or propagate their karmic attributes, as opposed to heal them. Or Angela may even help when she, well, shouldn’t. For there are definitely situations where the appropriate and spiritually healthy response doesn’t correspond to the form of assistance being requested by the person.

Angela may also find easy to provide support to her child or children, but find it harder to say ‘No’ when necessary, i.e. when the more appropriate response would be the one of “tough love”. Here it is important to discourage, disallow, behaviors from her own child or children, to the extent she is legitimately acting as parent and educator, that she would otherwise disapprove in others individuals. She has the power to do so. Otherwise Angela risks turning the act of parenting into an unpleasant, chore-type area of life to herself.

1.2 Giving

Under a certain viewpoint, to say “someone helps others more than they should” can sound like a mildly positive compliment. It could be interpreted like something you do that you probably shouldn’t, that takes a little away from you, a little energy, a little time, a little sacrifice… but if the end, if the effort results in positive outcome for others, then it seems justified.

However, this is not the case here. We’ll explain why.

Alignment with Light is communicated to the human self through the maintenance of alignment with one’s own inner self. It is therefore the connection with the inner self, and the personal responsibility in keeping oneself aligned with the designations of the inner self at every moment, that is meant to maintain all personal choices and actions, including those of service to others, in a state of balance and appropriateness during the incarnation.

When one is aligned with the inner self, the task or idea – including the practical or a mundane one, and including the spiritual one of benevolent intent – will be aligned with the designations of the Light for the situation at hand. If, however, one is misaligned with the inner self – which is the same to say one is misaligned from the Light – then the task or idea may become out of balance, unhealthy, spiritually inappropriate, and have effects, results, or create energy, that reflect that same misalignment.

Let us stay with the example given previously. The assistance given to others can, and sometimes will be, harmful, because it can be offered without conference with the designation of the inner self’s Light. “Harmful” means the energy offered, although seemingly coming from a benevolent and positive intent, while it might offer temporary soothing and comfort, if it doesn’t match the appropriate and necessary response for true and definitive healing of the person as designated by the Light, then that energy will occupy the ‘space’ of healing of the person, therefore not healing them and possibly even preventing true healing to occur, thus contributing to delay the person’s healing process. The assistance offered in this manner will therefore not contribute to healing, but instead feed a type of “spiritual procrastination“, one that allows karmic attributes to remain and ends up leading nowhere.

Furthermore, when an action is performed that contemplates the healing or the betterment of another’s emotional/vibratory state, even if that intention is done from a good heart, if that action and/or intention does not match the ideal course of true healing for the person in question – in other words, the action is not fueled by the Light, i.e. the Light is not ‘standing behind’ directly supporting that specific action – then any and all energy/attention that is transmitted from the caretaker to the receiver in the course of that action will be done, mostly, at the expense of the personal, individual energy of the giver. In other words in this mode of assistance the giver is, mostly, and willingly, giving him/herself away – and with no specific goal other than the temporary relief, or suspension, of the receiver’s imbalance(s).

The non/illusory-healing, temporary-relief nature of the assistance provided, where the targets of said assistance are not only not being healed but may be actively distracted and prevented from doing so – often with their own active choice and participation – this is a recipe for the development of unbalanced patterns between giver and taker where the energy of the giver is leeched by those who they’re attempting to aid.

The tell tale sign for this is in the way you feel. If you feel drained, tired, less energized, more depressed, after engaging in a certain behavior or groups of behaviors – even (and especially) if they are covered by the blanket of the spiritual and the mystical – then there’s something about the behavior or behaviors that is misaligned.

So you’ll have situations or behaviors that on paper is seen as benevolent and constructive, such as assisting others for example, yet are also producing other results other than benevolence, namely the profound draining of energy of the giver. As well the continued operation (living) from a place of benevolence yet with lack of Light – which would otherwise be provided by the continued connection with the inner self, and ‘fuel’ oneself.

1.3 The Inner Self

What is the inner self? Where can it be found?

All reality is external. The physical, palpable reality on Earth is external reality; but so too are the astral planes where one can travel – even if they’re accessed through the mind’s third eye. Spiritual gifts and abilities such as the clairs are also external, in a way. They are tools. They are abilities. It is the inner self, on the other hand, the one who puts those tools and abilities to use. The inner self is the observant, and the manager, the one doing the actions and making the choices, such as traversing the astral realms, offering the healing, understanding, etc. The inner self is not the tools themselves, rather it is the one who uses them. It is also the inner guidance about using those tools: when, how, if, where, how much, how far.

The inner self is something actually quite simple to connect with, to identify. Sometimes, perhaps challenging – but not complex. It’s right in front of you.

The inner self is the one who has preferences – regardless if they happen to be in balance or not. It is the inner self the one who wants to have dinner, wants to go grab coffee, wants to go to see a movie. It is the one who wants to do things a certain way and not the other, and the one who wants to be free to do so.

A common issue is that the inner self is often mistaken with – and can be mixed up with a lot of impulses of – the human ego, which in turn is made of lack of Light. It could be said the ego is the mental part of the self that thoroughly believes in (and is) lack of connection. Many spiritual and religious bodies of knowledge profess the renunciation of the self completely. And this does have a purpose: relinquishing identification with the ego. And so, at a certain point of one’s spiritual journey, this specific lesson may be a necessary milestone for some.

However by renouncing the self entirely, ultimately the baby is being thrown away with the bathwater. Past a certain threshold in the spiritual journey, the whole self must eventually be accepted and embraced, because it also contains the one and only irreplaceable tether to one’s inner connection to Source – i.e. the inner self. In doing so, accepting the self does mean taking the ego back into the fold. But the ego is meant to be dealt with, without outright rejecting it. The ego is meant to be kept in constant check, responsibly, in one’s conscious, mindful choices. For even the ego – i.e. the potential for lack of connection – is an integral part of the self (albeit a potentially disruptive one if one’s not careful) for as long as one is not fully and completely merged back into Creator.

Despite having clear and easy access to spiritual/metaphysical information and gifts, at the same time you find it very difficult for you to connect to the you (inner self). And so you navigate life not being bathed by the Light of the you. In your everyday life you set yourself to be drained by others. You also tend to not mind to if, how, and for how long, you pursue tasks and activities. And you do so in a manner and timing where you you tend to cancel yourself in the process, for example assisting others for longer than what you should. All of these elements compound together, making you have an experience of life where you’re tired, drained, exhausted, physically and emotionally.

1.4 Being Away

Related to what was explained, there is a pattern, which could be labeled as “depression”, or, as having depression-like characteristics. This pattern is as follows.

The awake periods of incarnation are tiring, draining, and you’re exhausted. The incarnation experience is like an experience of suffocation – there isn’t enough Light, and there’s a tremendous “leakage” of energy, in part for to the reasons already explained.

When the rest/sleep period comes, the more subtle/spiritual parts of the self are more free to wander and roam. And they take that time in as a relief, as a return to Source, or perhaps, to a resting state, or to a state of freedom.

The resting and sleep periods are precisely meant as a “breathing” space and time for the spiritual selves during incarnation, where periodically they can rest, recuperate, and regroup themselves, to them be able to venture back into their incarnation more focused and level-headed. This is how, in general terms, the period of sleep is designed. It is a resting period both for body and for the spiritual energy that inhabits it.

However in this case, because the incarnation experience is suffocating and thankless, the sleep time contrasts with it by being rewarding, and bringing relief, to such an extent that the self tends to linger as long as possible in it. The self wants to be as much time as possible next to the Light, or at least closer to the Light as it can be, to the extent it is able to.

The natural tendency is to sleep to re-energize, due to an overall lack of energy, and of Light. But then sleep becomes the only source of Light – since there’s so much scarcity of it during the awake period. Therefore the activity and periods of sleep (or perhaps being absent, or being absent-minded, i.e. not being truly present in the room), becomes an attractive state.

When the spiritual self ventures into these states, it doesn’t really want to go back, because a) there’s nothing really interesting or meaningful happening in the incarnation – i.e. there is no alignment with the inner self, therefore no opportunity for meaningful experience in the physical realm – and because b) all there is, is an experience that is not just meaning-less but also draining, tiring, in a sense oppressive – a continuous chore through and through.

For these reasons now you have a cycle where the self is more and more reluctant to leave the states of rest (sleep, possibly meditative states, etc). But this tends to sap even more the energy the self can allocate to spend in the awake periods, living the physical life: it is a withdrawal. In other words, not really wanting to be in the physical life reduces even more the energy/vitality/attention that are available to deal with that same physical everyday life. This in turn leads to an even more heightened sensation of tiredness, and experiencing all as a chore. Which leads to more reluctance of the spiritual self in leaving the states where it can be closer to the Light. And so on and so forth.

The resulting effect of this pattern is a greater and greater absence of vitality and drive to live in the incarnation, and experiencing intensely everything as a chore.

1.5 Built-in Dream

Angela is spiritually tired, fed up, of providing service to others in a manner that is felt as ‘generic’, unfocused, and ‘leading nowhere’ – in terms of the quality of the healing offered to others, and in terms of inner meaning and fulfillment from the part of the giver, as explained previously. Angela is also fed up of willingly offering her energy and in the process being leeched by others. This is one of the aspects leading to her feeling tired, drained, and frustrated.

Angela wants the opposite of this situation: she clamors for something specific, focused, of her own, that holds practical, tangible usefulness, and helps others actually leap forward in their spiritual development. This is actually the same to say she wants to attain and maintain true connection with her inner self. Because these two elements go hand-in-hand: the specificity Angela desires can only be achieved and received through one’s inner spiritual connection – in this case, not the connection that travels the astral, or seeing or feeling things, but the awareness of the me that confers guidance from the Light, and therefore balance, to all situations.

Spiritual gifts, spiritual sensitivity, the abilities, correspond to the “magic” side of spirituality: the ability to bring the spiritual onto the physical plane; the ability to perceive, know, and understand the subtle. This “magic” side corresponds to 4D: the level of awareness of emotion, feeling, the subtle, the ability, the gift, and also the qualities of empathy, compassion, and harmony among others. On the other hand, what to do with the gift; which ability to use, if, when, and how; interpreting feeling, emotion, perception, information; and how to target, direct, and apply these in a productive, concise manner; this corresponds to 5D. 5D is the level of awareness of the inner spiritual connection that is unique, personal, individual, un-shareable; also the level of awareness of personal freedom and expression, communication.

All that has been said thus far in this reading comes down to Angela spiritually desiring to make a transition from 4D to 5D.

She’s tired of spending energy aimlessly, and being drained unwillingly – i.e. “coming down to the physical and being drained”; the sensation of “squandering all her energy” – and these related closely to a 4D level of operating.

To say she desires to establish an connection to her unique inner self, corresponds in the interpersonal and professional levels to develop a specific and specialized framework for her to provide service to others. This is why she asks “Who am I” (she wants to re-connect with the self), and “What do I do” (she wants to have a specific framework for her service, also related to her connection with the inner self). This also relates, closely, to her feeling of “rut” regarding her life and her spirituality: strong and intense experiences, but not necessarily with personal inner meaning, or with evolution, change. This has to do with the unfocused, non-specific aspect of the 4D level of awareness.

The “rut” or stagnation you find yourself in, is part of the disconnection with the inner self. The reason why things seemed to have stalled and not move forward, is because you do not have (or you are not in touch with) a specific aim of goal. Having a goal, an aim, is to a large extent what sets the Universe moving forward, changing and shifting things about in the physical reality, and making things happen, in order to bring you what you desire. Not having a specific goal constitutes an indication for the reality around you to function on “autopilot”: have linear time tick forward, but things not actually changing. In turn, not having a specific goal is, to a large extent, because you are experiencing everything as a chore, and within that state you are unable to feel things that you deem interesting, meaningful, worthy of attention.

From within of your drained state it is virtually impossible to connect with any meaning about anything; it is impossible to identify, detect, something you’re passionate about and you actually want to move towards and work for.

At this point, and metaphysically speaking, part of the work performed by this reading was to clear to an extent the saturation of the energy of feeling everything as a chore, and being drained, by introducing healthy and balanced intervals of rest between activities and tasks (5D attribute), and by respecting one’s timing in wanting to do things, and for how long one wanted to do them, until it was time to rest and recuperate (5D attribute).

Even though this saturation (which prevented connection with meaning) was extremely strong and dense, this process was relatively straightforward, performed without resistance. Soon enough a good amount of availability for passion, interest, and enthusiasm were restored (the perception of life starting to feel good again, or at least not so draining). From this state it was much easier to seek for elements that could reflect Angela’s unique and specific path of passion.

Straight away one element became apparent: many of the things which I wanted to do but experienced as a complete chore, in the balanced state now could confer joy, excitement, passion – things that couldn’t be felt from within the saturated state. I interpreted from this that the path for Angela is not too different from what she already does. It would be mostly about continuing with something she’s already doing, but introducing changes to a) restore her balance in the way she manages her personal energy, and b) have a ‘framework’ that allows her to perform these tasks in a balanced manner, without loss of energy.

1.6 Passion, Dream, Aim

Angela’s passion – where she finds meaning and fulfillment – is helping others, and provide assistance where needed. Angela’s dream is to show the specific truth and path for the person, exactly like she desired/desires to discover for herself. That’s the ‘specificity’ she seeks.

In order to achieve this she can use the gifts at her disposal. This is why they haven’t evolved as of late: they don’t need more specific improvements. The primary improvement at this point, is in how to use them.

The path for Angela, should she choose to consider the suggestion, is to do what she already does – assist, help, support, inspire – but make a transition to do so professionally, i.e. asking monetary retribution from it. And providing the service from within a framework of professional-style rules and principles.

The potential is for her to become, not someone who performs A or B metaphysical ability, but a professional that deals with the metaphysical and the spiritual, in a general sense (whatever tools she needs to use and that are at her disposal), to (with the goal of) advise others and assist them in their paths, and possibly identify what those paths should or could be. So it would not about the tool, but about the passion/dream that makes you use it.

To achieve this would provide a goal: something more concrete and specific to aim for. You’ll have examples of others who already do similar things, therefore there is already an idea, a concept, to strive for, to emulate. Having an idea makes things easier – as opposed to not knowing what to do.

This would also imply the lending of structure, boundaries and rules (5D attributes) to an activity, as opposed to something you do casually, without calling it a name or needing acknowledgment of. This starts right away with asking money for the service or services, and sticking to that principle.

The definition and maturation of rules and boundaries by which the service is to be offered, is meant to create a framework to reduce as much as possible the imbalanced and inappropriate loss of energy at the hands of others.

Turning a metaphysical service professional is precisely meant, among other things, to stop the mode of service where others assume it is acceptable to leech you, into a new mode of service where others acknowledge your service to the extent they pay for it. It is also meant to augment the fulfillment you gain from experience, by manifesting part of that fulfillment as the payment.

All of these steps would imply training the connection with the inner self, as the decision to offer professionally a service in these molds is often a task that is solitary task: you are no longer following anyone’s orders, of the beat of someone else’s drum. You’re on your own.

Part II: Memory

2.1 Sirius

When I reach for information regarding Angela’s origins, I see the vibration of Sirius (the star system). Angela was originally an entity who came to the Earth from the Sirius system, during the time of ancient Atlantis.

Atlantis was a prosperous, technologically and vibrationally advanced civilization, contemporary of Lemuria, which existed in the Atlantic Ocean until approximately 12.000 years ago, when a final cataclysm destroyed it and left scarce reminders of its existence.

At the time, there were a number of colonies and offshoots around the world with close ties to Atlantis, which received most of its survivors and refugees when it fell. One of such places was Egypt.

As an entity hailing from Sirius, Angela did not come here with a specific goal or “mission” in mind. Atlantis was an up-and-coming, prosperous, thriving hub of inter-world interaction. And there was much excitement about all the discoveries to be made and work being done there. Angela had come to Earth with a passion to participate and help out, whenever necessary, whenever it was needed. That was, and still is, her passion. This is the mode of operating she finds most fulfilling.

There was an understanding that, where there was a calling made out of passion and excitement, there was opportunity for meaningful work to be done, that would result in that experience of passion and excitement. And at the time an energy “calling” echoed across the Cosmos for members of Sirius (and other civilizations) to come and help on Earth with their vibration and consciousness.

On a spiritual level there was no need for this calling to be too precise, too focused: it was simply a transmission of the “vibe” of opportunity, excitement, and joyful experience – i.e. the potential and opportunity to experience those things through the sharing of presence, and service.

Whatever ways that help would then manifest in a practical manner, in a way mattered less than the experience itself of excitement and joy they could confer. The only real necessity was presence: being here.

Being physically present in a planetary environment immediately contributes the vibratory state of the entity to the ‘average measurement of consciousness-energy’ of the planet. The calling was mostly, above all else, for the presence of Souls to increase and help shape the vibratory nature of the Earth in terms of consciousness. In other words, simply being here helped with the energy of Earth.

Additionally, in the physical plane this help could then assume the shape of whatever forms of assistance happened to be necessary in any given circumstance in the physical – technology, ways of thinking, etc – and would tend to match the help being offered in a vibratory sense. So for example if you were a ‘doctor’ Soul specialized in health and biology, in the physical plane you would probably and ideally become involved with the maintenance and well being of the bodies of those incarnating, or the balance of the ecosystem. The principle of ‘foreign’ entities helping with the energy of a planet and the work being done there, is a premise that is valid in general, for any such calling across space and time.

This aligns with Angela’s perception of service to others not being too focused, too specific, and instead being more general, based more in openness, willingness, compassion, empathy, rather than in the specific tool or technique used. Whatever tools or techniques are necessary and are available to her, she can and will use those.

This is also why the existence of a pattern of where Angela is unwilling, or less willing, to ‘come down to Earth’ and ‘be here’ (1.4) by nature compromises her ability to provide service, if that pattern makes her not be energetically present for others, further reinforcing her experience and perception of life stagnating.

2.2 Egypt

The reading however would not delve long in this period and the coming from Sirius. Instead, we fast forward to ancient Egypt, into a lifetime in a period already within recorded history.

A ‘short while’ has passed since the fall of Atlantis (although to our standards today this was a relatively long period of time). With some remnants of knowledge and technology originally brought from Atlantis, this former outpost had developed into a prosperous nation, based around the fertile banks of the Nile. Ancient Egypt was, in a sense, one of the spiritual successors of Atlantis. A lot of the culture, spiritual ethos, craftsmanship, and esoteric knowledge that ran through Egypt could be traced back to this mythical civilization. Not only this, but Egypt’s strength lied, to a fair extent, in its abundant fertility, agricultural-wise. This, it shared with the origins of Atlantis itself.

The ruling classes that governed Egypt, the “pharaohs”, represented, both figuratively and literally, the knowledge and former governing hierarchies of Atlantis. They traced back to the survivors that had brought Atlantean knowledge, and their ways of doing things. These ruling families also carried in their genetic pool some of the physical DNA that had been brought off-Earth by individuals such as those from Sirius, and elsewhere. This is why there was so much focus in preserving blood bonds across the ruling classes: it was an effort to not lose that DNA connection – especially as Earth was now in a lower “vibratory state” than in the time of Atlantis.

The fall of Atlantis was not just the downfall of one civilization. During its time planet Earth was in a different vibratory state, or in a different Density, if you were. In the time of Atlantis Earth could be described as physically being a 4th Density planet. This relates to the ‘measurement’ of the ‘vibratory state’ of the planet, and of the average awareness level of the Souled beings incarnating in it (both are intertwined, connected together, and reflecting each other) and to the type of experience the planet allows such Souled individuals.

A 4D planet is still physical, but individuals have a much greater proximity with the spiritual, and with the subtle and metaphysical planes, both on an individual and collective basis. A central trait of 4D is that the existence of the subtle realms, the ‘invisible’ and energy-based, is no longer disputed, “believed” or “disbelieved”. They are accepted to just be, to exist, as a truth that is self-evident.

In a 4D reality there is much less propensity to create bodies of knowledge that consist on the interpretation of the subtle (religion), as the subtle itself can much more easily be perceived, experienced, and understood firsthand by the individual, without the aid of third party intermediaries or interpretation.

Another trait of a 4D society is the overall benevolence and unity among the individuals in the reality. Despite whatever different backgrounds, physical appearance, cultural or spiritual affiliations, or any other difference of any kind there are, all difference is appreciated as a natural and integral reflection of the whole, and all are acknowledged to belong to that whole simply by existing.

As such, a 4D society never enforces on any of its members the necessity to earn or justify its existence. The society always aims at providing each individual with enough resources and sustenance, which are abundant, to allow him/her/it to fully focus and pursue on its spiritual goals on the physical plane. Anything less than this, and it would no longer be considered a society, but a “group” of some description.

Atlantis existed in the 4D realm of Earth, therefore aligning with such principles. As such it is most often remembered (most of the time unconsciously, i.e. a “spiritual” memory) as a thriving utopia, upholding such principles in a practical everyday manner, which today would be seen as purely idealistic yet unreachable in practice.

The fall of Atlantis was also a fall in consciousness. The cataclysms that took place in the physical, followed the drop in consciousness and energy of the collective. When Atlantis fell, this signaled a transition of Earth from 4D to 3D.

In a 3D reality, for the average individual personal connection to the subtle and unseen is far more precarious and difficult. The unseen can be questioned and doubted, rather than being something certain, accepted as truth. The direct experience that is, so to speak, “magical” and “otherworldly”, is now rare, seen with fear and distrust, and often interpreted with superscription, and/or in a manner that does not correspond to its reality.

One specific trait of 4D worlds is that they can often be bonded/tied together, due to sharing the same Density or level of awareness, and if for example they share some form of physical, energy, and/or cultural proximity. An entity can for instance have an experience of incarnation in one such 4D world, and then have another experience of incarnation in a different 4D world, without being necessarily bound to the cycles of incarnation of one of them – much like beings from Sirius, and Angela, were able to transverse the distance between the stars and come to experience physical life here on Earth.

But when the vibratory state of Earth dropped from 4D to 3D, immediately this “bridge” with other 4D realms in practice no longer existed, being that it was much more difficult to cross, mostly because of the mismatch in consciousness/vibratory state of the planet. The practical result was that many of the ones incarnating on Earth at the time in such circumstances, spiritually speaking, saw themselves stranded on Earth, i.e. no longer being able to freely and spiritually move from realm to realm at will. In the physical, overt off-world connections and travel was far more scarce, uncommon, now considered something of myth and legend, rather than a real, commonplace “everyday” thing.

For those who had come from elsewhere and were still on Earth, now experience there was no longer one of abundance and enthusiasm, helping out “with no strings attached”. Now it was a desperate attempt to hold on to their ancestry, their awareness, and their very nature, in a world that was, by its very shift in vibration – and the matching consciousness of the masses – no longer open, tolerant, and allowing of those things anymore.

2.3 Safekeeping

Queen Nefertiti was wife to Akhenaten, a pharaoh of Egypt. Akhenaten and Nefertiti became known and famous to recorded history due to having ruled at the height of Egypt’s prosperity, but especially for attempting to shift Egypt’s typically polytheistic religious beliefs and traditions into a monotheistic one: worshiping one god only, the Sun god.

Queen Nefertiti is a past-life, or an “aspect”, of Angela. It was this past-life the reading most focused on.

This past-life must be understood as a continuation of, and in relation with, the legacy of Atlantis.

At this point in time, the pharaohs, their consorts, and the royal families who ruled over Egypt, are carrying much of the remaining genetics (DNA), as well as ways, thoughts, ancient mysteries and knowledge, etc, of those who had come from other worlds to Earth during the times of Atlantis – such as was the case originally of Angela. And their main self-assigned spiritual purpose was, first and foremost, safekeeping their legacy.

The genetics (DNA) present in the bodies of royalty allowed them a personal spiritual awareness and connection, that was more difficult for the general population to achieve on 3D Earth, and was reminiscent of the commonly and more easily experienced spiritual connection and general awareness during the 4D times of Atlantis. The royals were therefore (the genetics in their bodies, as well as the sacred metaphysical knowledge kept as records and texts they watched over), perceived as a representation of the legacy of the glorious times of Atlantis, now partially forgotten, remembered mostly through myth, story, legend, and religious allegory, and promise.

Egyptian Royalty (and perhaps, to an extent, royalty anywhere, in general, throughout the history of Earth) are usually almost always seen covered and adorned in gold, and they are considered either a manifestation, or the direct representatives, of the gods themselves on Earth. There was some validity to this, in more ways than one.

The physical bodies of Egyptian royalty carried the very genetics of off-world travelers that had come to Earth with their various benevolent offerings of knowledge, technology, greater awareness, diversity of perspective, and heightened vibration. In their time (of Atlantis) such beings were seen as beacons of hope, leaders, and repositories of wisdom, respected and admired. In 3D Earth, this perception carried over through the beliefs in following and being reverent to a ruling royal class, and the perspective that royalty somehow was special, different than the rest, entitled to rule over all others. In other words, royalty were seen as quasi-mythical figures, representatives of the gods on Earth, bearers of an intrinsic, inherited by birth, right to rule, all based on their royal blood.

Originally beings from other worlds would have had a luminous, otherworldly and pristine presence to them, physically speaking. Adornments made of gold used by those in power, among other factors, are a reminiscent, a recollection – albeit loose, faint – of this original perception. Gold is intrinsically associated with wealth, power, and status. Its use was an unconscious attempt by those of royal descent to replicate, and feel closer to, the origins and qualities of otherworldly beings – as well as transmitting that same image to the general populace.

Furthermore, at this point it was often the case that individuals of royal blood, and closely involved with nobility and royal affairs, were actually the Souls who that had originally come to Earth from other systems, attempting to secure and keep their legacy alive on the physical plane. In other words, often the individual who was a pharaoh or had royal blood in human form, was attempting to fulfill some form of goal or purpose related to his heritage on the physical level. But because The 3D of Earth imposed an additional challenge: such spiritual goals might not always have been perfectly clear and understood by the human self, only held in its most complete form on the spiritual level. Still, such goals more often than not would relate with the general purpose of safekeeping, safeguarding, preserving, the ancient sacred knowledge (and genetics) of Atlantean origin. The primary hope, was restoring the glory of Atlantis sometime in the future, if and when the timing was right.

The intricacies of such an endeavor were highly metaphysical. The ancient Egyptian metaphysical knowledge worked closely with the concept that, in general (either explicitly, or in an encoded manner), a rise and prosperity in consciousness of the country itself as a whole, could in theory propel a new rise in consciousness of the whole of planet Earth. In other words, bringing back the (4D) awareness and energy of Atlantean times. This was the overall, spiritual, underlying objective of those who were most ‘active’ in this culture and at this time.

However, one now had to factor in the difficulties posed by the Earth now being in 3D. The spiritual goals held by the spiritual self, most of the time, could not be fully or perfectly be understood by, or transmitted to, the human self, at least in their entirety. This was why the genetics were so important and valued: because despite all else, they still allowed the human self some ability to closely follow the designations of its own self in the spiritual level – hence the “royal” blood.

Even so, the awareness, memory, and knowledge of the times of Atlantis, on all aspects regarding of life in the physical, could never be held and transmitted in their original, complete versions. Instead, technological, metaphysical, and any other of such knowledge had to be kept partially shared and partially hidden; partially clear and partially coded in culture, law, and religious scriptures and texts; partially understood and partially unknown and mysterious – this necessity was due to the very nature of the awareness and deep duality of 3D, and the general lack of spiritual connection, common to royals and commoners alike. Hence, once again, the importance of keeping the ancient knowledge safe and preserved.

As Nefertiti, Angela was experiencing a lifetime where she was participating in a spiritual context that contemplated the general directives of a) preserving the legacy of her awareness and origins, as well as those if others like her, and b) attempting to, if possible, restore the prosperity, glory, magic, and ways of the times of Atlantis. This was close to her spiritual heart, and as such she was extremely involved with it.

2.4 Critical Junction

Propagating the original genetics in royal bloodlines in the physical plane, was, evidently, achieved through intercourse and bearing children within marriage. However, no longer having off-world interactions and therefore no access to the, so to speak, ‘source’ DNA in its original state, doing so only became more challenging as time passed.

The royal DNA, while still retaining remnants and physical evidence indicative of their origins, was now substantially eroded, mixed with the “base” human genetics. Much of its original form had been lost, what’s left maintained through rigorous commitment. Royal members would often resort to having with multiple wives, and copulating with biologically closely related individuals, and sometimes with their own siblings, in an attempt to maximize the chances of producing, if you will, pure offspring – or even, any offspring at all – while avoiding introducing further dilution of their bloodline.

As a side note, this is where comes from the overall preoccupation of nobility throughout history on Earth in marrying among themselves, and use marriage as a tool, to maintain their bloodline, wealth, status, and ‘title’. Originally and in some core instances, in the ancient world royal blood could mean, literally, direct or indirect association with the off-world.

As one might imagine, this effort, which in practice resorted to some form of inbreeding, was maintained over many generations, often resulting in messy and confusing matters of family and succession, and also, in unstable genetics that sometimes created health complications, such as physical deformation, frailties of the immune system, or infertility. As time passed and the DNA gradually became lost, and less and less of it was left, and more of such measures had to be adopted, such difficulties would only ever increase.

There came a point, spiritually and in linear time, where the kingdom of Egypt reached such a high level of prosperity, and, simultaneously, such a precarious state of affairs in terms of loss of genetics, and bias in understanding the original ancient knowledge, that this conjuncture basically indicated a “it’s now or never moment”. If an attempt at restoring Atlantis through a new age in Egypt was ever to be tried, the attempt had to be made at that moment.

Such an attempt necessitated circumstances of both A) physical prosperity – a kingdom well established and prosperous enough to sustain and replicate a similar economic/social system to the one experienced in Atlantis – and B) consciousness – a mass of population whose awareness could be led and ‘raised’ in beliefs and perspectives in a spiritually appropriate manner, in order to create the critical mass effect necessary for such a quantum leap to occur – therefore also requiring a population sufficiently obedient and trusting in their leadership that would allow this, and a leadership that actually knew what they were doing, metaphysically speaking, which was the case of Egypt.

At the same time, the connection, or recollection, or remembrance, or awareness, of the royal families regarding their original ancestry, both through genetics and through their knowledge and understanding, wasn’t going to get any better. In time, the tendency was only for this to worsen.

Therefore, the circumstances of the time basically dictated that the attempt had to be made at this point. This was known clearly on a spiritual level.

2.5 Nefertiti and Akhenaten

Nefertiti was a vital participant in this critical juncture. Together with Akhenaten, as regents they were to be the ones to lead the rise of consciousness of the whole of Egypt. They had with the purpose, ultimately, of lifting the awareness of the population, so that a shift in the energy of the Earth could happen. If not in the span of their specific lifetimes, they would at least begin the process, start it and steer it in the correct direction. They were meant to be leaders in terms of rule, and leaders in terms of thought.

In essence this could be interpreted in two similar and matching ways. One, it was an attempt at restoring 4D on Earth, or have a “new age” so to speak, by via of such metaphysical undertaking. Two, it was an attempt to “bring back Atlantis” (of which Egypt was technically and spiritually both offshoot and successor). Still a relatively recent memory spiritually speaking, most of the Souls involved in this process held close ties of emotion and passion to the glory of ancient Atlantis (which the text in this reading will also reflect throughout), manifesting in the human selves at the time as passionate commitment to the goal. Again, not necessarily consciously present in its full scope by the human selves, but certainly so by the spiritual selves. Upon entering incarnation, the lifetimes of all involved received lifetime plans with this purpose in mind, which were the cases of both Nefertiti and Akhenaten.

As regent and the masculine side, if you will, of the primary ruling couple, Akhenaten would be tasked with the shift in consciousness of the population in general. This would entail, among others, and in the beginning, a gradual shift in religious perspective – the system of institutionalized beliefs by which the spiritual perspectives of the population were, to a large extent, governed, structured, and could be influenced by – from a polytheistic system (belief in a pantheon of gods) to a monotheistic one (belief in one “true” god).

The purpose of this shift was twofold. First it was a closer representation of the fundamental metaphysical reality: all reality, including all individuals, is in truth One. All are One. This is the, so to speak, “ultimate” truth that was being reflected by the new religious perspective, to be installed as the official religious belief.

Once, and if, installed and accepted by the population, this belief/perspective would then serve as framework and jumping board to introduce and impart further beliefs and perspectives derived from this fundamental truth. By this process a teaching of fundamental spiritual principles could be conducted next to the population as a whole, thus raising their consciousness in this way.

The second and related purpose of this teaching, other than strictly raising the consciousness (knowledge, awareness, belief) of the population, was to also impart the energy of Unity. A perspective of multiple gods, multiple aspects, multiple values, multiple specializations, while not strictly wrong per se, is highly dual, and within a 3D setting more often than not introduced separation, preference, bias and dual views regarding the esoteric, which opposed the awareness of Unity to be imparted by the new belief. As such, it was intended for all to perceive themselves as One first, and only then tackling any differences, specializations, aspects, as important but subservient to that ultimate truth.

Knowledge/Awareness related to masculine-energy, Unity/Acceptance related was feminine-energy. One would accompany the other in the transition, as it should be. Much like the play between these aspects of Divine energy, so too did the roles of the two figures at the forefront of the transition symbolized these energies. Akhenaten was to conduct the shift in awareness (masculine-energy); Nefertiti was his feminine counterpart, and her role reflected this in a similar manner.

It was predicted that the shift could possibly not happen within the span of their generation. Even if successful, the transition would probably span the generation of their children, and possibly even the next. It would take time for change to sink in, as it is usually the case. Which meant that while change was being introduced in its more masculine-energy aspect, by the changes implemented and managed by Akhenaten, it was vital that his succession would be maintained by via of at least one male heir.

The matter of succession was vital for implementing the plan. Not only it would ensure the continuation of the physical DNA still present in their bloodline, but it would also ensure the succession of Akhenaten’s family and therefore the maintenance of this rule in the physical realm, ensuring they would continue at the forefront of Egypt’s destiny, thus making possible the spiritual plan to work in the long term.

This was Nefertiti’s primary role.

Her role as the feminine counterpart of Akhenaten was simple but vital: to conceive and provide Akhenaten with viable offspring: at least one male heir.

Although this could possibly sound demeaning by today’s standards – to have the woman have the role of conceiving child while the man does all the ‘important’ work – this was nevertheless how their lifetime plan was devised, including spiritually.

The spiritual intention and alignment of the one known as Angela, at the time as Nefertiti, was not a specific one: it was to help in any way it was needed, in whatever way was necessary, to accomplish the goal of restoring awareness to planet Earth. It was based in a passion for helping where needed, much like the intention with which Angela had originally come from Sirius to Earth.

Connection with this original intention is an integral part of the inner/spiritual self, which she still carries to this day regardless of level of awareness, metaphysical abilities, or circumstance in the physical. It is part of who she is.

This could also be described as a strongly feminine-energy-oriented form of service to others. It is a service meant to ENABLE other forms of service, and masculine-energy forms of service also, to enter the fold and execute whatever purposes they have self-designated to serve.

Nefertiti incarnated with the intention to bring forth the best possible qualities in terms of health, vitality, fertility, and beauty – as an external representation and indicator of health and fertility. It was this beauty by which she was to be chosen as Akhenaten’s primary wife.

Nefertiti embodied these feminine qualities as a reflection of her spiritual intention and purpose, and the passion that was behind that purpose – the memory of Atlantis, the yearning to go back to that time of magic and wonder, and the memory of her origins.

Energized by this spiritual desire and joy, Nefertiti was strikingly beautiful. Her name meant “the beauty has come” or “the beauty that came”. For that was exactly the energy she had brought with her. Energetically she represented, in human form, the aura, splendor and awe the off-world beings transmitted to others upon arriving on Earth.

2.6 Time

Nefertiti however would not be able to conceive male children.

All her born children were females. For the most part there seem to be no particular difficulty in conceiving healthy offspring, however the offspring was never male, only female. Time passed, attempts were made, and children were born, yet a male heir was never conceived.

As time went on, and with each new and “failed” birth, an enormous amount of pressure mounted. Time seemed to be ticking down for the royal couple, and for Nefertiti.

Firstly, there was a notorious amount of pressure due to the amount of time that physical beauty – and consequently, vitality, fertility – would last for a woman, whose most fertile period would have been, just like today, from her 20s to her 40s. Since Nefertiti’s spiritual purpose had been to give Akhenaten an heir, now all of her personal worth was almost solely deposited in the ability to conceive – and, therefore, on the perception of her appearance of beauty.

Beauty and its possible absence, trying to ascertain her own beauty, trying to check the slow but steady progression of age, represented to her the ability to still conceive, and therefore the amount of time left. Her worth was all in her beauty. It became a type of obsession.

Metaphysical elements were also behind this perception of lack of time: the pressure to succeed in the spiritually-designated mission, and not let the critical juncture pass. This was what was fueling the sensation of pressure for the couple. It was about succession, but beneath the surface it was about being able to carry through with their spiritual mission, and be able to care for all the Souls incarnating in Egypt, for whom they felt spiritually accountable for.

But the pressure to succeed was nevertheless intense. The pressure was as large as the mission – and the burning desire to succeed at it.

Not having a male heir placed pressure on the King due to matters of succession. When a King fails to conceive children from his officially appointed spouse, his rule – and most especially the long-term claim to the throne of his bloodline – becomes more and more contested. A King without an heir may see his claim to the throne perceived as weak by others.

Akhenaten saw himself challenged in his ability to focus solely on the spiritual mission, as he had to deal with external challenges to his rule, which were mounting. He also had to deal with very mundane, but very real and serious, challenges to his country, as foreign, potentially warlike neighbor countries would always be looking to mount pressure on Egypt, especially if they perceived any kind or frailty or weakness by the country and/or its ruler.

But the greatest element of all of this pressure, was the resistance to the changes he was trying to implement. These turned out to be unpopular to the people, who as a whole were subservient, submissive – but to a point. But the new beliefs were especially unpopular to the priesthood, who saw themselves gradually stripped of relevance (and power…) by the new teachings. As, spiritually speaking, that was one of the parts of the new paradigm: to bring the individual closer to the perception of Divinity, with less relevance for intermediaries (3D to 4D).

However this stage of the teachings did place less amount of relevance on a pantheon of gods – thus distributing importance by many gods – and more relevance on one single deity, and indirectly upon its representative on Earth, Akhenaten. So it could be seen that Akhenaten was gathering more power to himself, taken away from the priesthood. This was, at least, how some within the priesthood saw it.

In 3D, it is human nature to seek power, and hold on to existing power as much as possible, as an unconscious substitution to true spiritual freedom, and spiritual awareness of self-worth. If you’re the King, or the more you’re in charge over others, the more value you have, the higher your status, and the more free you are from the power exerted by others.

All of this summed together, meant that Akhenaten’s mind and attention were being pulled more and more away from the purely spiritual purpose in its higher and ideal sense, and more and more into matters that were far more mundane and down-to-earth. The more this happened, the less he was able to focus and discern diligently, and handle all of the pressure in a calm and collected manner – while also maintaining a clear, lucid connection with the indications being offered through his inner self.

Physical matter – and, especially, the 3D – were taking their toll on their spiritual goals.

2.7 Fading

There was a point where the mounting pressure exceeded the potential afforded by the time that was still left. This was the moment the critical junction passed. And it came to manifest in their reality.

Many of the details become confusing at this point, possibly due to the emotional charge of the memory, and because this is not Akhenaton’s reading but Nefertiti’s. This means information is coming from Nefertiti’s point of view in the experience, and spiritual insight are offered primarily focusing on Nefertiti’s process of healing. Nevertheless I’ll state what I’m confident with.

The pressure mounting on Akhenaten was intense overall, but especially so that coming from his religious changes, and stemming from the priesthood. At this time also, Nefertiti is approaching her 40s or 50s – I’m not certain if literally or just energetically, but the sheer amount of pregnancies and childbirths, together with the immense emotional pressure throughout, took a tool on her body, which while still retaining some firmness and vitality, is now starting to show age and aging in a way that’s getting difficult to conceal.

Because the external perception of fertility of the wife has deteriorated, so too have the hopes that a male heir will be conceived (at least through official means). As this is realized, Akhenaten’s claim to the throne suffers a setback and is now critically frail. In an energy sense, it’s as if there is now a lack of hope in Akhenaten’s leadership in the long-term. Nefertiti saw herself as the one to blame, as all were placing the blame on her not being able to conceive.

Akhenaten is suddenly assassinated.

At this point, assessing the situation in an energy sense, was when the amount of pressure became so intense it needed to manifest in the physical.

The head priest did it.

This fact was not known clearly at the time. There was much suspicion but no concrete evidence to point in a specific direction. Pressure had mounted on all sides, so virtually anyone could have done it: a foreign leader, a jealous consort, one of the priesthood, or someone from the general population. In that sense, from the point of view of the attacker, that had been an ideal situation to strike without gathering too much suspicion.

I also feel that there was some confusion, an issue with the body. It was known by Nefertiti and by all, clearly and beyond doubt, that Akhenaten had died; however I feel she had no access to the body, and had not seen it. It is a possibility that the head priest had done things so swiftly, and proceeded with Akhenaten’s ritualistic burial hastily, as it was his role, in a bid to conceal the manner by which Akhenaten died. In any case, the event of loss was rather sudden and shocking.

Nefertiti was still Queen regent, but her male partner, the masculine head regent, main symbol and standard bearer of power and direction, the rock around which her life had always revolved, was now suddenly gone.

Already coming from a situation of immense pressure and being contested in their decisions, Nefertiti felt completely alone and helpless. She also now feared for her life. It was not known who had killed Akhenaten or why; everything about the incident was shrouded in confusion. So she felt that a killer could stalk her as well, at any point, and be standing behind every corner. The pressure had turned into terror and anxiety.

2.8 Failure

Nefertiti did not hod the focus, presence of mind, strength, or political savvy to conduct all the changes they were meant to do on her own. She was part of the plan, but that wasn’t her role in it. Not only she was not prepared to it, but she was now terrified, acting from pure fear. She was shaken to her foundations. Akhenaten’s death therefore meant the situation had collapsed into an unrecoverable state, i.e. the mission had failed.

In reality, Nefertiti was never under particular life threat, partially because the intention of the perpetrators was to stop the changes and revert back to the old ways, and keep Akhenaten’s intention subdued. However Nefertiti’s relevance did wane, eventually being completely lost. This loss of relevance was accompanied by her loss of youth and jovial beauty. Her importance, value, worth, to her, and even to her spiritual self, derived from being able to conceive as a woman. So she associated her loss of relevance, also, to the fact she wasn’t young anymore.

It had been the aura of splendor coming from the spiritual passion for the mission, that had started to wane as time went by, and had succumbed, to the pressure. And as that happened, her beauty started to fade as well. Until at this point the mission had completely failed, and all that was left was sorrow and regret. And so her physical appearance, while still retaining shadows of her former glory, completely lost its shine and splendor (which would have been possible to maintain even in an advanced age, had the mission succeeded and the passion for it been kept).

Nefertiti remained part of the royal families and of the environment of nobility. But as a woman without her former partner, her role and relevancy she once had as regent was completely gone.

Part III: Clarification

3.1 Choice and Fall

From this point forward we’ll use a different name to refer to the spiritual entity who is today known as Angela in this particular incarnation, and was known as Nefertiti in the memory analyzed in this reading. This name is simply meant to refer to the nature, identity, and overall journey of the entity beyond any one lifetime. The name we’ll use is Miriam. We’ll also refer to the entity as a “she” for the sake of simplicity.

On the spiritual level, prior to this lifetime, Miriam was technically not prevented from leaving Earth. Despite the fall of Atlantis, and corresponding drop in the vibratory state of the Earth, Miriam did not fall in consciousness, to the extent she was no longer capable of moving back to her origins on her own volition.

But she chose to stay.

Miriam had come to Earth with the spiritual intention and purpose to help. The path Earth’s inhabitants had chosen led to a drop in consciousness; but for her, given the choice, it felt to her it was unfair to leave everything behind, especially for all those who had to remain. So she made the decision to not leave, and instead work to bring the Earth back to its previous state if possible. As a perspective it was purely altruistic, and feminine-energy in nature.

Miriam/Nefertiti felt deeply responsible for the people of Egypt – representing, loosely speaking, the Earth’s Souls who had fallen in consciousness. Miriam, and those who had come from elsewhere and still retained at least partially their awareness of self, felt responsible for all those who could no longer take care of themselves.

But the lifetime of Nefertiti did create that sharp drop in consciousness for Miriam.

This fall was caused specifically by the experience of sheer fear, terror, insecurity, and vulnerability, the moment Nefertiti’s husband was lost. By that event she experienced a terror, a desperation, and a lack of safety, she did not know previously. This experience is fear-based, and technically corresponds to a 3D level of awareness. It was because of this one experience her connection was severed, and where she dropped to 3D consciousness. From that point forward Miriam no longer had access to the possibility of leaving.

There are multiple layers of insight into this moment. The deepest one relates with trust in Spirit/God. Miriam experienced a failure of something that had been sanctioned, planned, and endorsed by Spirit. She was profoundly upset by this; she took this loss with shock, in an extremely violent and traumatic manner.

What she felt on a spiritual level was, “how can something of Spirit fail like this?” It was a profound loss of trust: she took the loss by no longer fully trusting Spirit. This is exactly equivalent to a drop in consciousness from 4D to 3D, where it is no longer safe to assume Spirit is benevolence and watches over all experience.

This shock accompanied, was parallel, to the experience of losing the support of the husband, and all he stood for. She was shocked even at the experience of losing him, while on a spiritual level the equivalent shock was that of realizing the spiritual mission had failed. To realize the husband could be taken away from her, unfairly, negatively, just like that, was to understand she wasn’t safe; it was to realize on the spiritual level the experience could fail, and negativity could have its way.

This interpretation opened the gateway of the doubt and fear of 3D. Losing the direction of the husband was the same as mistrusting the direction from Spirit.

Miriam spiritually didn’t fall with Atlantis (in consciousness), but she did so here, in this moment.

3.2 Transition in Consciousness

The things that led to that moment however were also significant, as the moment itself is accompanied by a path that eventually leads up to it, facilitates it, and helps define it.

Nefertiti spent an entire lifetime of pressure to succeed at conceiving, without ever being able to. She constantly battled the impossibly high expectations placed on her fertility that her physical appearance continually sparked in others – these expectations were also continually hyped by the, if you will, “propaganda” mechanisms of the royal court, for the purposes of controlling the idea the common people had of the royals. Nefertiti’s beauty, and consequent physical fertility, would always put a heavy burden on her shoulders to bear.

In truth, she was fertile. Her fertility did match her external appearance; however she could only conceive female babies. But because females were perceived to be of much less value than a male heir, to her interpretation – and especially of all others around her – continually conceiving daughters was practically the same as not conceiving at all! To a large extent, the experience of conceiving a female baby were emotionally more and more taken as failures.

You also have to consider the 3D cultural and religious interpretations of the time, some of them quite superstitious despite the relatively close proximity with sacred esoteric knowledge. To continually bear female children and never a male one was sounding more and more like a ‘bad omen’, as if the gods did not want Akhenaten to remain in the throne, or as if there was some kind of curse placed upon the royal couple – or Nefertiti herself.

This tendency for superstition, even for spiritually-aware individuals, derives from the not-necessary-imbalanced habit of the human being in interpreting specific events and circumstances as signs from Spirit (synchronicity).

However this situation was very far from coming from a balanced, healthy, mindful synchronistic interpretation. Rather, it was a view that was highly biased by the religious beliefs of the time, and also heavily perturbed by the huge amount of pressure to succeed at a highly sought-after goal, placed on Akhenaten’s and Nefertiti’s shoulders. As a result, rather than leading to constructive viewpoint that could guide them, this interpretation of “bad omens” only added to the pressure and negative perceptions already felt by the couple, and by Nefertiti.

The pressure represented doubt, uncertainty. In the end, that uncertainty manifested in a collapse.

Nefertiti spent her whole life watching the clock ticking down, so to speak – counting down her age and physical appearance. Over time she grew obsessed with her appearance, with the possibility of losing her features and image. Deep down this had to do with the desperation with reaching her spiritual goal, which in turn came from the desire to return to Atlantis, and to return Home. Nevertheless, throughout the course of her life her attention gradually went from the focus onto the inner spiritual purpose, to the outer physical appearance. There was a transference of personal worth and purpose from one’s inner connection to one’s external image, which was a 3D perception.

By the time the critical event of losing her husband happened in her life, all of the beliefs that had been simmering within her for her whole life turned on her, and became locked in place.

  • The perception that women are of no worth, or of much less worth, than men.
  • The perception that men are the ones who dictate the value of a woman.
  • The perception that women are of no intrinsic value other than being useful for being fertile and bearing children.
  • The perception of personal worth of a woman being derived solely from her physical beauty, physical health, and ability to bear children.
  • Being rejected or dismissed at age 40-50 due to loss of fertility and physical attributes.
  • Critical loss of relevance by loss of physical attributes and appearance.
  • Critical loss of worth and status due to the external perception of others.
  • Critical loss of relevance, and vulnerability, by loss of her male partner.
  • Critical loss of underlying aim and purpose by loss of her male partner.
  • Total loss of power by the loss of her male partner; that a woman has no power or value without a man.

Also, the overall belief that, in a physical reality, whatever happens within the physical takes precedence over any spiritual principles or reality. If someone wanted to kill Akhenaten, then they could, no matter his spiritual mission or context. If someone saw her as beautiful or ugly, then that’s the worth that would of practical matter. All 3D versions of beliefs within, locking her into the 3D level of consciousness.

Finally, Nefertiti bears a heavy burden for Angela: she felt that it was because of her – her inability to bear a male child – that all of this happened, and all those in Egypt could not be saved. She felt all was going well, and only her inability to bear male children was what “sabotaged” their mission. Therefore, directly or indirectly, she takes the blame (guilt) for Egypt never being able to bring back Atlantis.

3.3 Pressure

Nefertiti was perfectly fertile. Despite the strong bias in seeing females as of having little to no worth compared to males, technically there were no issues with her fertility. Furthermore, there were also no issues with her DNA with regards to conceiving. The DNA issues resulting from being lost in the genetic pool, and from the family inbreeding over time, would more often than not manifest in the health of the newborn and the growing child – but nor so much on the mother’s ability to conceive, at least not with Nefertiti.

From a purely biological standpoint, and religious interpretations aside, the fact that Nefertiti would continually and consistently give birth to healthy children should constitute evidence that she was perfectly fine in terms of fertility.

So why did Nefertiti only generate female offspring and never male?

The DNA of some animals is programmed to vary the percentage of the gender of the offspring according to external and environmental factors such as for example temperature, moisture, etc. While this wasn’t so much the case with Nefertiti and Akhenaten, there was a definitely a factor present in the equation which was affecting it.

Do you know when you want something so badly, and you pursue it so obsessively, that then you get everything else but that one thing you want?

What happens in a metaphysical sense, is that when you (“you” as in, “anyone”) place too much tension in one specific goal or objective, this one thing you want, and then you pursue it relentlessly, without care to relax and detach from the situation, the situation itself can often degenerate into a desperate struggle to stay afloat, rather than an attempt at thriving.

This is because a) there is a huge wall of tension placed around the desired object of interest, so intense that it prevents that exact thing from “falling” (manifesting) into your reality; and b) because the energy/emotion of desperation with which the thing is pursued comes from a place of “I lack” rather than “I have”, and so the resulting energy from the effort can only create more experience of “I lack” rather than “I have”.

If you notice, sometimes it is precisely when one lowers their arms and gives up, that finally that one thing, in a natural and spontaneous manner, rises to the surface and pops up unexpectedly. Why? Because at that moment of “giving up” all the tension is released and liberated. And so the item of interest, which had been desired so strongly all along but with tension, is now finally free to rise to the surface.

This, as a side note, is why some metaphysical/esoteric lines of though state you must “give up the desire” in order to have the thing you want. This doesn’t mean you stop wanting the thing, or you give up on your preference – you only release the need, the obsessive aspect of having that one specific thing, when you want it. You state your intention, and the experience you want to have, and then you are meant to release, as much as possible, the specifics of the how, who, what, and when (those are the things the obsessive mind frets about) precisely to let the Universe work freely to bring you to you the best possible experience.

This pressure to succeed, to reach the goal, to have the thing, was precisely the pressure Nefertiti and Akhenaten were under. And this pressure was what was preventing them, both energetically and biologically, from having the much-desired son.

Human DNA is naturally already very sensitive to one’s mood and disposition, since these aspects are very important to the biological endeavor of raising children. Both Nefertiti’s and Akhenaten’s genetics were even more sensitive and malleable in this regard, and since they were placed under such an intense emotional pressure, duty, obligation, this was leading them to generate only female offspring. The energy aspect was the same: their overly-focused desire in having a son was, well, preventing them from having a son.

In a purely biological sense, their case was no different than the case of any modern, everyday couple that is struggling to get pregnant, or that only has daughters when all they want is a son, or vice-versa. There was no more to it than this. It was a relatively normal situation – and definitely not an omen from the gods.

So it wasn’t her fault. All was a result from the circumstances. If you want to blame anyone, then put the blame on everyone else around her who saw her as a fertility bag who never had what they wanted inside.

Finally, the emotional side of this played a part as well. Emotionally speaking, Nefertiti and Akhenaten’s actual relationship wasn’t particularly warm.

Being the royal couple at the had of all of Egypt, encased in a litany of rituals, customs, and religious ceremonies and practices, with Akhenaten continually having to deal with multiple concerns on multiple fronts, and with the spiritual commitment and focus of both in fulfilling at their respective missions, there was very little time and space left for any truly loving interactions between the two.

This never really became an issue for either of them, since they were so focused and committed to their “higher” purpose. In other words, to them both this was never anything to worry about.

But in practice this did make any intimate act be very “mechanical”, very much based in duty, obligation, ceremony even, executed in order to achieve an objective.

This lack of love, or of alignment with each other, often disturbs the couple’s ability to conceive, or conceive how they want. So this also contributed for then not achieving what they wanted to achieve.

3.4 Unfortunate

The story of Nefertiti’s life, leading to the final moment where the husband is lost, and therefore when her spiritual intention had to be declared lost as well, is characterized by the strong obsessive pursuit of an objective while never quite being able to reach it. And with time counting down, adding to an ever-increasing amount of pressure.

This resulted in a scenario of constant struggle, fighting a losing battle. It was like trying to rescue a ship that’s already sinking. There was a prevalent feeling of desperation to achieve something that grew more and more unreachable and unlikely as time went by.

This was the case with the specific mission of Nefertiti, and it was the case also with Akhenaten, who had the heart in the right place but found too many things getting in the way of his “higher” goals. And this could also be seen as the case of the broader, spiritual-level goal of bringing back Atlantis.

Interpreting linear time in a bit more spiritual or esoteric sense, Atlantis had fallen a very short while ago. Little time had passed between then and now. It could also be argued there was little support, in terms of consciousness of those on the whole planet, to put such a plan into motion. Other places had been set up to achieve similar purposes, but they too experienced struggles of the same order. In 3D, lust for power can easily overcome benevolent spiritual intention.

In other words, the mission was unlikely to succeed. Possible, but the odds weren’t particularly hope-inducing. It was to be a difficult task, a long-shot. And because of this very realization, there was already a large amount of pressure to begin with.

There was a possibility of it succeeding. Yes. But it was always going to be a bit like fighting a losing battle, rowing against the stream. Things could have easily gone wrong. And they did.

When Miriam made the decision to not leave, and stay and work with others on Earth, this was a benevolent, altruistic act, but, and partially unknowingly to her, it was also a choice of commitment.

Miriam’s choice of incarnating with that specific mission, at that specific time, and with her being so personally invested in bringing back Atlantis (and with the emotional pain of having lost it) basically resulted in the following: if she happened to be successful, she would rise, and all others with her; but if she happened to fail, then there was the risk that she would become trapped in the 3D reincarnation cycle along with everybody else.

“I am with them”, she spoke. And so it was.

In the duality of the physical, there is always risk. The odds can be calculated, predictions may be put in place – but the risk is always there, even if only technically. Door number three always stands in the corner.

Physical reality that contemplates duality and Free Will (i.e. a Souled being can alter its vibratory state by virtue of a choice made) is, or can be, unsafe, risky, dangerous. But that’s not because negative things happen randomly, uncalled for, or at the hands of bad individuals. It’s because each individual is completely free to either stick closely to its own inner higher benevolent truth, and alignment with the Light – or not.

When personal choices align with the Light, Light can protect, shield, and guide you; but when choices are misaligned with the Light, you are making the choice to allow that same lack of Light into your life. And as physical matter must always reflect your vibratory state in an almost ‘mechanical’ fashion, when you make a choice of absence of Light, absence of Light must follow. It opens a door through which things of absence of Light can enter. This is the challenge of incarnating in physical matter like on Earth.

Decisions made by Souled beings involving incarnating in physical matter are always made contemplating that risk. Miriam had volunteered to come from Sirius to help, and then chose to stay and help, always with this in mind. This is not to say she becoming trapped in 3D was her “fault” – but it does mean she’s accountable for it. The consequences were hers to bear.

On a purely spiritual level, Spirit is benevolent and absolute. But physical matter has duality, and therefore always incurs in that risk: the risk of things failing. The risk of absence of light. The risk of attachment. The risk of choice that is not aligned. The risk of deviating from the path. Again, there are tendencies, but the risk is always there.

Without meaning justification for negativity or suffering, we would point out that, for the purposes of experience in 3D, physical matter can be unfair, in the sense positive outcome it is not guaranteed. But it is precisely because positivity is not mechanical, automatic, i.e. be a given, that then lends validity and power to resulting lessons. Without the possibility of not aligning with the positive, what value would the positive choice have?

Spirit’s intention was benevolent and highly-minded from the start, and always is. That is a given. But as always, when it comes to events in the physical, it came down to the choices and energy of those involved in human form. From Miriam/Angela/Nefertiti’s perspective, it had been her full commitment and passion, but partially with attachment and an original loss (Atlantis), as well as a resulting degree of excess of focus resulting from that loss, that brought about circumstances in that lifetime that eventually dictated that, unfortunately, the intended mission was not successful.

Nefertiti allowed herself to caught by an enormous amount of pressure placed upon her – much of which was spiritually self-imposed, important! – without ever being able to detach from it, take a break from it, leave it in the drawer and come outside to catch a bit of fresh air. Even a momentary ‘fuck this!’ moment can be healthy and re-energizing, in the capacity that it temporarily detaches from the focus in that objective, and restores lucidity and clear-thinking. It is a mechanism of detachment.

But Nefertiti was never, at any point, able to achieve this. As a result, she was gradually and continually engulfed in the flood of pressure that was, deep down, created by her own self.

Nefertiti and Akhenaten were overrun in the physical by the manifestation in their realities of the pressure, which reflected the spiritual circumstances of the plan. The overall situation was not favorable to begin with.

3.5 Healing

Whenever I am handling a past-life in a reading I always perform a ‘formal’ forwarding of the past-life aspect onto the Light. I called upon the hierarchies of Angels and Archangels to come forward and present themselves to the past-life aspect of Nefertiti, in order to take her into the Light.

I then see a gateway of Light opening next to Nefertiti, making itself known to her. The room she’s standing in grows bright. All that has been explained in this reading as information is being transmitted to her. That it wasn’t her fault she could not conceive a male child. That there wasn’t anything wrong with her. And it had been the sheer amount of unfair pressure placed upon her, she eventually succumbed to.

That the situation and mission as a whole as she had chosen it was unfair to begin with, and all that happened was the result from this reality.

The scene is generic. I don’t ascertain many details about her appearance, the room she’s in, or what shape the Light assumes in order to reach to her. All happens swiftly.

Members of the host of Light reach out to her, to take her into the Light, which she accepts. With that, she’s shown ascending in the air, arm outstretched as she’s being guided by hands of Light, and the whole scenario disappears under a final, bright flash.

My impression of this is that she expected, and wanted, upon her passing, to be invited and taken into a journey to the realms of Light or Angelic realms, at the end of her lifetime. I am assuming this was part of the religious believes of her time. And so she promptly accepted the invitation to go.

Usually by this point, after forwarding the past-life aspect, I’m typically shown an image of the aspect in its healed state, representing the healing that took place, and the energy of the aspect now at peace. However, nothing else was shown to me. She disappears into a flash of bright light, and that’s that.

My interpretation of this was that Nefertiti was just, tired. She was exhausted from her ordeal. She was saturated of all the details, of the scenario. Any image would have just been part of yet another scenario. All Nefertiti really ever wanted, was to leave everything behind, and be taken back into the Light.