Heart Ki

Akashic Records Reading with Cleansing

Teresa is my partner, and she’s a beyond-talented energy worker. She’s been performing her spiritual services for others throughout the years, and she’s the one who performs energy cleansing for my readings, whenever this was included in the reading request.

The energy cleansing takes place in the few days before the Akashic Records Reading, as preparation and support for it. Much like the reading, the cleansing also happens from distance, without your participation being required. Any additional information that results from the cleansing, if any, is included in the reading as an addendum.

Picture of Teresa

What are the differences between a reading and a cleansing? An Akashic Records Reading accesses information regarding your identity as a Soul, and your background in terms of past experiences beyond this lifetime, such as past-lives. It may also present practical guidelines and energy templates to assist you in your practical everyday life. A reading is a learning and transmutation process, involving the person’s Akashic Records. A reading takes around one to two weeks to perform.

A cleansing is a form of energy healing. It aims at offering healing to the energy subtle bodies, namely the emotional and mental, and the physical body if necessary, with the intent of raising your vibratory state, and possibly unblock old and stagnate situations in your reality. It is usually performed over one day. If the client asks to address in the Akashic Records Reading a specific pattern or element in their personal lives, the cleansing will aim to support the reading by offering its healing to that pattern.

Teresa has a website which you can visit here: www.amordeanjo.com. At the moment only a Portuguese version is maintained. Link opens new tab/window in your browser.