Heart Ki

Akashic Records Reading with Cleansing

Teresa is my partner, and she’s a beyond-talented energy worker. She’s been performing her spiritual services for others throughout the years, and she’s the one who performs energy cleansing for my readings, whenever this was included in the reading request. Picture of Teresa

The energy cleansing takes place in the few days before the Akashic Records Reading, as preparation and support for it. Much like the reading, the cleansing also happens from distance, without your participation being required. Any additional information that results from the cleansing, if any, is included in the reading as addendum.

You can of course ask for a cleansing, or any of Teresa’s other services, in a standalone manner, i.e. outside the context of an Akashic Records Reading. Please send an email to mail@heartki.com for more information.

Teresa has a website with her services, all performed from distance, which you can visit: www.amordeanjo.com. At the moment only a Portuguese version is maintained. Link opens new tab/window in your browser.