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About Nuno

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I’m a graduate in computer engineering and worked in I.T. for a number of years. However the field never really resonated with me, and I eventually left my job and career behind. The idea was to use my lifetime for something that was personally meaningful and useful.

I was always a sensitive child. I had always been in tune with the “why’s”, with the true nature of things. After leaving my career in I.T. I began further exploring this trait. In time, I realised I knew the truth about situations, and about why someone was who he/she was, including his/her history at Soul level. This ability grew to become my readings, today available via this website.

Heartki.com was created to serve as the online home for my readings as well as a canvas for my work in spirituality and metaphysics. “Heart Ki” is a channelled name with personal meaning, and it felt the most appropriate name for the website when the time came to create it.

Heartki.com is entirely a one person effort, and my sole source of income. Everything you see here was designed, created, and maintained by me personally. If you find any of the contents in the website meaningful and helpful to you in any way, please take a moment to share them with your friends, family, and social circles. This would be immensely helpful to my work and to the visibility of the website.

I hope you enjoy my work, and may this website be of value to you.