Heart Ki

About Nuno

I’m a graduate in computer engineering and worked in I.T. (Enterprise Applications Integration – EAI) for a number of years in Portugal’s leading telecommunications company, Portugal Telecom, progressing from programmer to project manager within the time I was there.

However, my education and career paths never resonated with me. I was the one who made the choices, but perhaps more out of utility and necessity, rather than from a sense of “inner direction”, which I deeply craved. I had always struggled with the direction I wanted to take in life. Eventually, I could no longer escape this perception, and I left my job and career. The idea was to use my lifetime for something I felt personally meaningful and useful.

I had always been a sensitive child. After leaving my I.T. career, I began exploring this personal trait further. In time, I realized I knew the truth about situations, and specifically, why someone was who he/she was: I could access his/her identity at Soul level. I could connect with personal insights about someone, from distance, knowing only their name, and the person would later verify the insights as being accurate, relevant, and deeply meaningful. Spiritually speaking, I was connecting with the Akashic Records of others, the metaphysical/spiritual fields storing all the information pertaining to the individual’s spiritual identity. This ability grew to become my Akashic Records readings.

My website Heartki.com was created to serve as the online home for my readings as well as a canvas to express my understanding of spirituality. The name “Heart Ki” relates to acknowledging your true voice, and then expressing that truth out into the world. When the time came to create the website, this felt the most appropriate name for it.

Everything you see on this website is designed, written, and maintained by me. I publish and write new content infrequently and don’t have a regular schedule for doing so, as this is dependent on inspiration as well as my availability. A significant amount of time may pass between two articles that are published. My main priority is, first and foremost, the readings and paid services that I perform for clients, available through this website. The best way to stay up-to-date on new content is subscribing to the mailing list, as well as following on social media.

I hope you enjoy my work, and you may find this website useful and meaningful to you.