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Akashic Records Readings

Know your Soul's identity and journey across the Cosmos, as well as past-lives on Earth. Delivered via email or Skype.

Guidance Sessions

Understand your personal life and its dynamics in an energy and spiritual sense. Private one-on-one sessions via Skype.

Energy and Consciousness

Insights on non-denominational spirituality, metaphysics, and modern day life, from a spiritual and energy standpoint.

Densities and Metaphysics

Densities, dimensions, kingdoms, sephiroths: the metaphysical realms and levels of consciousness.

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On the Biological Race to Have Children, Part III: Cultural Worth

Posted under Society and Culture.

Read Part I: http://www.heartki.com/biological-race-children-part-biology-overlay/ Read Part II: http://www.heartki.com/biological-race-children-part-ii-romantic-contracts/ At various points during his/her lifetime, the human being will be assessing potential romantic partners. He/she will do so as he/she seeks the experiences of love, protection, belonging, well-being, and the sharing of positive experience with another, as well as, potentially, eventually, having children together. The assessment of potential romantic partners takes (…)

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Akashic Records Reading: Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt

Posted under Readings.

Part I: Concerning Stagnation 1.1 Drained When I first connected with Angela’s energy from afar, I experienced a strong sensation of tiredness, both physically and in terms of motivation. I felt so drained it was difficult to physically move, and fulfill menial tasks and activities. I interpreted this lack of energy and drive was something Angela experiences, either at times (…)

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Akashic Records Reading: Beyond the Threshold

Posted under Readings.

Part I – Memory 1.1 Arcee Berrgha I’m taken to a spiritual memory of Evelyn, where she participated in a incarnational cycle on a different planet. Once upon a time, the spiritual entity today known as Evelyn was incarnating on a different planet, in another civilization, in a different time and place. Any information that relates to civilizations on other (…)

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Review and Thoughts Pt 1/2 (w/ Spoilers)

Posted under Society and Culture.

The following is my review, or perhaps should I say commentary, on the latest Star Wars installment: The Last Jedi, episode VIII of the SW saga. ** I’ll need to go over plot points and details, therefore this text will contain spoilers – not just about this installment but also others, as well as the saga as a whole. You’ve (…)

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On the Biological Race to Have Children, Part II: Romantic Contracts

The following text is part II in a multi-part series. It is a work in progress and may be revised further. Previous: Part I: The Biological Overlay http://www.heartki.com/biological-race-children-part-biology-overlay/ Closely related with the spiritual intention of having children during a lifetime, and with the experience of love and romantic relationships in general, is the matter of spiritual romantic contracts. This is (…)

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My name is Nuno. I perform distance readings of the Akashic Records, knowing only the person's name. This is my website, which features a number of resources related to spirituality, metaphysics, and an essence-driven life. I hope you enjoy the website and that my work may be of value to you. Read more ...