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Akashic Records Readings

I can read your Akashic Records, by distance, knowing only your name

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Spirit, Soul, Energy

Written material about spiritual awakening, metaphysics, and consciousness

Meta Physics

Dimensions, densities, planes, kingdoms, sephiroths: the multiple realms of consciousness


3D, 4D, 5D, 6D: what is your awareness level?

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Heart Ki

A website about consciousness and spiritual awakening

By Nuno Alves

Questions and Mini-Readings
Question Hi, I was wondering if anything about our current lives can be seen from Akashic records, if it recorded as it happens. For example experiences that we can't remember ourselves. Thanks so much, Nikki
Answer Hi Nikki, Yes. The Akashic records contain all history and experiences, including for the current life. On occasion I've read specific events from the person's current life in readings. One thing I usually do in all readings is to detail how the memories of past-lives and Soul traits may manifest today. I'm also sometimes able to perceive future potentials. I do have to say that, considering such a train of though, the line between reading Akashic records and performing divination can get very murky indeed. That's an expectation I'm not entirely comfortable carrying on my should (...)
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About Nuno
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My name is Nuno and my spiritual gift is performing readings of the Akashic Records knowing only the person's name. This is my website, which also features a collection of articles and resources related to spirituality. I hope you enjoy my work, and that the website may be of service to you.

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