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Akashic Records Readings

Know your Soul's identity and journey across the Cosmos, as well as past-lives on Earth. Readings in person, Skype, email

Energy and Consciousness

Insights on non-denominational spirituality, metaphysics, and modern day life, from a spiritual and energy standpoint

Densities and Metaphysics

Densities, dimensions, kingdoms, sephiroths: the metaphysical realms and levels of consciousness

Awareness Level Quiz

Test your metaphysical level of awareness 3D-6D with this quiz

Posted Readings
the great spot of Jupiter

Akashic Records Reading: Tuhjk, “The Great One”

Posted by Nuno on 20.10.14 under Readings.

I see the surface of a planet. My point of view is just above the atmosphere, not far from the surface, as if I’m very high in altitude or in orbit. I can see the darkness of space and stars, and also the curvature of the planet’s horizon in the distance. The surface of this planet, as seen from above, is composed by (…)

Physical location of Atlantis, from Wikimedia Commons, by Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (]

Akashic Records Reading: Cassandra, Atlantis, and Maha Chohan

Posted by Nuno on 14.10.14 under Readings.

Vivienne – not the real name – asked for a reading seeking answers and direction regarding her life. She described how she felt very sad, different, and out of place in life, even if there was with little reason for it to be so. She described having trust issues with allowing romantic interests near and close to her, while on other occasions she (…)

Latest Articles
stick of incense burning

Intuitive Feng Shui Guidelines

Posted by Nuno on 07.11.14 under Life From Within.

We (me and Teresa) developed over time a number of guidelines to take care of, and maintain, the energy of the space we’re living in. We aren’t trained in Feng Shui, but we’ve always been in tune, aware, and highly sensitive to energy, at all times. You could probably call this “intuitive” Feng Shui. 1. Lightweight, Low Furniture Bulky and tall furniture (…)

photo of secluded beach in cloudy setting

Gnosis – To Know the Actual Truth

Posted by Nuno on 01.10.14 under Life From Within.

I never ever speak about evidence of proof concerning what I say. I never try to offer a “compelling case”, convince you, or prove you anything. The reason is, nothing I discuss is dependent on debate or argumentation. As you grow into your intuitive guidance, you might retrieve information from external sources, but your intuition is guiding you at all (…)

child laughing

Why Small Talk Drains You

Posted by Nuno on 27.09.14 under Life From Within.

As a child, you may have had the experience of walking down the street with an adult, and stopping for conversation with an acquaintance of theirs. I dreaded those moments since the conversations obviously didn’t relate with me. It was a time of standing still impatiently. However, it also struck me was that, upon ceasing interacting and each going their (…)

picture of nuno

My name is Nuno. I perform distance readings of the Akashic Records, knowing only the person's name. This is my website, which features a number of resources related to spirituality, metaphysics, and an essence-driven life. I hope you enjoy the website and that my work may be of value to you. Read more ...