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Akashic Records Readings

Know your Soul's identity and journey across the Cosmos, as well as past-lives on Earth. Delivered via email or Skype.

Guidance Sessions

Understand your personal life and its dynamics in an energy and spiritual sense. Private one-on-one sessions via Skype.

Energy and Consciousness

Insights on non-denominational spirituality, metaphysics, and modern day life, from a spiritual and energy standpoint.

Densities and Metaphysics

Densities, dimensions, kingdoms, sephiroths: the metaphysical realms and levels of consciousness.

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Regarding Earthbound Energies

In the moment of passing you’re invited by Spirit to travel back to the realms of Light to rest, heal, and spend some time there recuperating, usually referred to as the time in-between lives. This is the proverbial “tunnel” those who have near-death experiences report seeing. This tunnel is/represents the passage between the near-Earth realms, and the realms of Light. Moving on to the realms of Light is what’s supposed to happen, normally. This would be the natural order of things.

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On the Biological Race to Have Children, Part III: Cultural Worth

Posted under Society and Culture.

At various points during his/her lifetime, the human being will be assessing potential romantic partners. He/she will do so as he/she seeks the experiences of love, protection, belonging, well-being, and the sharing of positive experience with another, as well as, potentially, eventually, having children together. This assessment takes place under a strong influence of the biological overlay.

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Akashic Records Reading: Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt

Posted under Readings.

When I first connected with Angela’s energy from afar, I experienced a strong sensation of tiredness, both physically and in terms of motivation. I felt so drained it was difficult to physically move, and fulfill menial tasks and activities. I interpreted this lack of energy and drive was something Angela experiences (…)

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Akashic Records Reading: Beyond the Threshold

Posted under Readings.

Part I – Memory 1.1 Arcee Berrgha I’m taken to a spiritual memory of Evelyn, where she participated in a incarnational cycle on a different planet. Once upon a time, the spiritual entity today known as Evelyn was incarnating on a different planet, in another civilization, in a different time and place. Any information that relates to civilizations on other (…)

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Review and Thoughts Pt 2/2 (w/ Spoilers)

Posted under Society and Culture.

Midway through the movie you’re presented with the conundrum driving forward the second and third acts: the last few Rebel ships are being chased by the Imperial fleet while running out of fuel and not being able to jump away, because they will still be tracked by the Imperials even if they do so. All the Rebels can do is to simply continue flying…

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My name is Nuno. I perform distance readings of the Akashic Records, knowing only the person's name. This is my website, which features a number of resources related to spirituality, metaphysics, and an essence-driven life. I hope you enjoy the website and that my work may be of value to you. Read more ...